Fifty Shades of Grey Rant

My friends, christian and non, here is an in depth look at why this book is HORRIBLE in so many ways. This book disgusts me on multiple levels. If not for a facebook friend who clued me in one what it was about, I’d have never known. My blogger friend does a great job as well, of cluing people in, as to why this book is a complete and utter waste of time.

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***Disclaimer if you like Fifty Shades of Grey you probably shouldn’t read this***

fifty shades of greyAs I said in my Keep It Fresh Award: “I love Neil Gaiman; I hate Fifty Shades of Grey”. Not that the fact that I love Neil Gaiman is relevant (but it does kind of soften the blow a little). It’s just a bit of a heads up cos I’m gonna go into full-blown rant mode. Because this book seriously sucks.

There was no plot, the characters were garbage and the sex scenes were much nothing like what was promised! Ok, I take some of that back- there was something of a plot, and it revolved round Christian Gray being a creepy stalker. And fairly abusive. So I guess that also proves he has a character- even that character is a total freak. And on some level Ana does have a personality. She has the personality of…

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