Writing Chronologically Vs. Writing Out of Order

Great discussion and comparison on whether to write scenes in your books chronologically. or not. I personally don’t write scenes in order, but every writer, and every writing style is different 🙂


You’re writing your first draft, and all of a sudden you find yourself at a road block. You just don’t feel inspired by the scene you’re trying to crank out. Soon, your mind starts wandering. You find yourself longing to write a scene that doesn’t happen until further down the road.

What do you do? Do you skip ahead to that more exciting scene? Or do you stick to the scene you’re writing?

There are costs and benefits to each, and it depends on what your writing style is like and what works for you.

Reasons to Write Chronologically

  • You won’t get confused about the order of scenes. If you don’t write chronologically, you might not know how to piece together all the random scenes you’ve written.
  • You get to experience the progression of the story and characters. If you’re writing in order, you get to experience firsthand how the…

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