5 positive happenings #4: Celebrating 100 followers! and 2 blog giveaway books

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Here are 5 positive things that happened over the week

  • So I have 100 followers guys!!! I can’t believe it! I know that followers aren’t technically the same as email subscribers or whatever, but STILL THAT IS AWESOME! Thank you for following me!
  • I sent out my first MS to a couple of beta readers and one of them had gotten back to me with some wonderful positive feedback, “HAPPY DANCE”. This is all very encouraging to me.
  • I pitched my first book in a twitter contest called #pitmad which occurs 3 or 4 times per year (I can’t remember) and THREE LIT AGENTS/PUB COMPANIES FAVORITED MY PITCH!! If you do not understand the incredible awesomeness of this, check out this #PItmad info article by Brenda Drake. It basically means I am being invited to send in my query/synopsis/manuscript. AAHHH! I loved how the tone of voice of my husband changed when it dawned on him how awesome this is!

  • So I got SEEK AND HIDE by Amanda G. Stevens in the mail thanks to a BLOG GIVEAWAY. woooo!! It won’t let me upload the photo so, here’s my post on Twitterseek and hide tiwtter post
  • Also I received Close to You by Kara Issaac and I cannot put this book down! (metaphorically…since it’s an ebook) It’s hilarious, and romantic, and I love it. I also love that I’m finding new authors to love!

What positive things have happened to you in the last week? Let me know!


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2 thoughts on “5 positive happenings #4: Celebrating 100 followers! and 2 blog giveaway books

  1. So many amazing things to celebrate this week, Sara! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! You deserve all these wonderful accomplishments and more! I can’t wait to get back with my comments! I am enjoying Second Chances very much so far!
    Celebrate these happy moments! And may you be blessed with many more this week ❤


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