5 Positive happenings #5: A visit to Lake Tahoe and Rise of the Sparrows

Lake Tahoe Sunset picmonkey

#1 I spent last weekend in Lake Tahoe, which was AMAZING. If you’ve never been, it’s absolutely gorgeous. My parents have a Time Share thing and so they visit Tahoe at least once a year, sometimes twice a year. I can’t always go with, but this time, my entire family had the privilege of joining them.

#2 My husband and I had our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. on Monday we celebrated by hanging out around in South Lake Tahoe, NV. It was absolutely wonderful. We walked around Heavily Village, then along the beach for a bit, then hiked down this little scenic trail off the highway. Very relaxing.

#3 On Sunday, we went to one of the beaches of Lake Tahoe. I had the most fun just watching and following my little 11 month old toddle around in the sand and the mud. She wasn’t afraid of anything. She would walk off to explore, and lean down and touch the sand and then keep on walking, picking at grass, and an abandoned attempt at a sand castle. It was amazing 🙂

#4 I received RISE OF THE SPARROWS in the mail upon my return. Another book I won from a blog giveaway 🙂

#5. For our anniversary, my husband gave me Looking for Alaska by John Green – and a board game. Because I LOVE board games. Well it’s not technically a board game, I guess.

 What positive things have been happening in your life?



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