When I Almost Died & What I Have to Say About It

God is Good. All the time.


Just a couple weeks ago I was in a car accident that could have killed or crippled me. Honestly, it was completely stupid accident. I was driving down a straight country road in the middle of a summer evening. No ice. No animals. No other cars. No pedestrians. And yet I flipped a Ford explorer twice (if you want to know how I managed this feat, message me).


I could have died. I could have lost an arm. I could have broken my neck. Or I could have broken my back, just like my dad did when he was my age. I could have been hit by the debris flying through the air as the explorer was rolling. I could be dead, but I’m not.

I walked away (literally) from that wreck with a scrape on my arm, a small rub-burn on my thigh, a small rub-burn on…

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