Positive happenings: All about my kiddos

white flower PCMKY

#1 My 2nd daughter turned ONE this week. And my oldest daughter turns 5 in September. I forgot about this amazing joy that overflows when you see your children turn 1 year.

#2 We had a little celebration with cake and cupcakes. It’s always entertaining to watch little babies try to eat cake 🙂 My older daughter helped decorate the cake.

#3 My now 1 year old said her first word a couple weeks ago.  “Hi.” Absolutely adorable. She also tries to say banana, ‘nana’ and bottle, ‘baba’ when she reaches for it. She also says daddy, and tries to say hi to our cat.

#4 My kiddos are the joy of my life. Particularly my now 1 yr old, who loves to play in the patio door curtains that hang to the floor. It’s hilarious watching her run in and out of them, hide, fall over, laugh, and then do it all over again.

#5 She’s also discovered that she’s small enough to fit in little hiding places. She’ll take all the stuff out of the lower kitchen cabinets and crawl inside. She also crawls underneath our coffee table, which has a lower level for storage underneath. Hilarious. I’m waiting for the day she crawls into the dryer lol.

What positive things are happening in your life?



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