5 positive happenings: A birthday, an editor responses and $5 gift cards

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#1 An Editor from Pelican Book Group has emailed me back “Everyone get up and dance!”  She complimented my book, then requested a few specific changes, and wants me to resubmit to her.

#2: TWO different days this week I entered classrooms that had no lesson plans. (as a guest teacher) And I nailed both days. Thanks to extremely helpful next-door teachers. 2 days though in on week is probably a new record for me entering a classroom without lesson plans lol.

#3. My best friend turned 30!

#4 We all get to go to the lake today. Yes!

#5 Google Play keeps sending me ‘coupons.”%50 off a movie rental. %75 a off movie rental. $5 off any book, $5 toward a best seller.

What positive things are happening in your life? I would love to get to know you! Let me know in the comments

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2 thoughts on “5 positive happenings: A birthday, an editor responses and $5 gift cards

  1. Hi,
    I’m dancing with you. So happy for you. It pays off when we keep moving forward.
    All the best.

    As for me, one of my poems is traveling through the tweet world at an excellent speed gaining me attention and letting people know I am out there, and I am happy.

    Shalom aleicheim,

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