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Pull up a chair, a couch, a bench, or find a shady place to sit. This blog post is about to get up close and very personal on you. Prepare yourself. This is more than just your ordinary book review.

This review does not contain any major spoilers from A Time to Rise, but if you have not read the first 2, you may be reading a few spoilers from A Time to Die and A Time to Speak. You’ve been warned.

A Time to Rise spoke to me personally in many ways.

I have felt God calling me to be a Pace setter for some time.  Every time I start to get mad or discouraged that the people around me don’t acknowledge God, he calla me to be a Pace setter. When I waver and doubt why I have been pushing myself so hard writing this Christian romance book series I have been working on for the last 2 and a half years…he calls me to write. How do I know that?

When I complain about other people being complacent in their faith, (even though I’m also being complacent!) He reminds me that He wants me to be a Pace setter.

But I’m not good enough to be a pace setter! I’m a wife, not the head of house. I can’t drive at night. People make fun of my eyes. I’m much too emotional. I failed credentialing. I talk incessantly, which really bothers people. I sometimes don’t get social cues…
I think all this stuff all the time. Don’t we all, though? Don’t we all sit there and dwell on the deeply negative things in our lives sometimes? Some people are much better at pushing it aside than others.

So as I’m sitting here, struggling with where I’m at spiritually, where the people around me are at spiritually, and where God wants me to be, spiritually, I start reading A Time to Rise.

Within the first 50 pages Isaiah 60 verse 1 appears. 

“Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”

God is calling Pravin Blackwater to rise. She has almost died multiple times, and then actually did die and came back. She’s lost a hand. She is weak and short and vulnerable and whiny (gosh so whiny). But God is calling her to rise and be His light. She has already bombed a portion of the Wall that divides a nation, actually an entire world, in half. She has already united portions of people from both sides of the Wall. She has helped hundreds of Radicals escape Antarctica where they were sent to die. Yet she struggles with her doubts. Back and forth, every day, her doubts swing like a pendulum. One hour she’s brave, fearless, the next she’s scared – terrified that she’s not good enough for Solomon, that she won’t be able to defeat the Council, that she’s on some wild goose chase instead of following God’s plan, that she’ll lose her friends because she’s a dangerous person to be around.

Okay so the story is fiction and my life is not NEARLY so dramatic – but Isaiah 60:1 spoke to me instantaneously. As if God knew I would sit down and read this book at some point and it didn’t matter when. That verse was God’s voice reminding me. God wants me to rise up. I know this – but I, frankly, have been terrified of leaving my complacent life, the people that surround me, behind. What if they don’t follow? What if I lose all my friends?
The more I read, the more Pravin feels the same way. Or I feel the same way as her (same diff??) Whereas I am scared to advance spiritually., she is terrified to physically leave her friends behind, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Because there’s a price on her head.

But, every step of the way God says FEAR NOT.

And then Parvin ….. ….. …… unfortunately, I can’t say anymore because SPOILERS!

Nadine Brandes is a wonderful, talented author. If you have not, you should  absolutely check out the first 2 books in her Out of Time Series. I’ve read all 3 and they are all great in their own ways. I personally loved A Time to Speak most of all. I felt as though this book though, A Time to Rise, though it spoke to me in a very personal way, was not as well done as her first 2, ONLY because she kept rehashing to the reader everything that had happened previously. It was a little too much rehashing, repeating of what happened for me. I get that that is important, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult for people who already have read it to get into it if all Parvin is doing is ‘reminding’ us of what happened before and how much she’s changed.

Other than that I highly recommend this book, this series, and this author. Nadine is a fun, spunky, kind and open person to get to know, as well as a talented author and editor.

I can’t wait for more books from her!

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a good/positive review. 

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A Time to Rise: #3 in the Out of Time Series

by Nadine Brandes

Genre: Christian speculative fiction

Release Date: October 14th.

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