Tuesday Tidbit #2: I am thankful!


This Christmas season, things have been a bit difficult for us. That’s the nature of the type of job I work in. (Trying to find a better, more constant line work…) But I am extremely grateful for having a generous family on both sides, my in-laws, I’m so glad we are family. My parents and brother, thank you to all of you for everything.

I’m also thankful for a God who is constant, today, yesterday and tomorrow. When things in life change, wind and twist, and don’t go the way we want, when I fail and make mistakes, God is still the same and still accepts me and covers me with grace.

As I was contemplating all of this recently, I attended church one Sunday in December and the pastor spoke about why we worship God. We worship God because of his generosity to us. I have always been the type of person who will repay people who are generous to me by acts of service. So I prayed during service, God, how can I serve you? You’ve provided for us during our time of need, how can I repay that? I already know that my lifestyle is how I worship God. (not just singing, but the way I live.) but I also love doing acts of service and sometimes it’s hard. There’s always something in the way.

I encourage you to think about these things:

What are the generous things that people have done for you? What kinds of acts of service can you do to show that you are grateful for that?

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