5 Positive Happenings: Valentine’s Day, and my new hashtag


The day before Valentine’s day, I was able to visit my favorite school (remember I work at multiple schools throughout a local district) and visit my teacher friend ON her birthday, as well I was able to hand out a couple more valentines to friends there. So YEY I was very excited about that


My little 18 month old is saying sooo many words. Every day new words pop out of her mouth, and even a few 2-sentence phrases which are adooorrable! Alas, the one thing I REALLY want to hear her say is her sister’s name, but she just looks at me and laughs when I ask her to. I bet she secretly says it when I’m not around.


My husband works evenings, but his day off landed on Valentine’s Day so we had the opportunity to eat a nice dinner together as a family. Happy happy yey!


So I created my own hashtag in case you have not heard yet. Go check it out! Interact and Retweet!! I might also ask the questions on Facebook.



My husband and I exchanged simple gifts this year, and he gave me this Azalia  tree, which is cute and tiny with pink flowers. And we made heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies together. And, I have finally decided on a tradition. From now on (until I deem it boring or something) I plan to make heart-shaped cookies on Valentine’s day. I don’t care if it’s cliche. I will try different cookie recipes too, not just sugar cookies.

How has your week gone? 

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