Coffee Time with Kara: Pitfalls of Boring Writing

Three great pieces of advice to spice up your writing!

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Good morning! Coffee Time with Kara is a new, weekly feature here on the blog where I–Kara Leigh Miller, Editorial Director for Anaiah press–will share tips, tricks, and secrets about writing, querying, publishing, and everything in between. So, grab your cup of coffee and get comfy…

The first book I ever wrote, many years ago, long before I knew…anything, really, was absolutely horrendous! And I don’t mean the grammar, but the structure of the novel itself. I can look back at it now and laugh, but I still cringe when I think about all the agents and editors who were exposed to that drivel. So, what was so bad about it?


Now, I had a lot of fun writing it, and I loved my characters, but in terms of the actual mechanics of the storytelling, it was a snooze-fest. Why? Because I consistently did these three things:

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