It’s All-American Pet Photo Day!

Anaiah Press

We couldn’t pass up the All-American Pet Photo Day without sharing our Anaiah family pets.

Judith Natelli Mclaughlin, author of the Mackenzie Goode series

IMG_2787Duke is an eleven-year-old West Highland White Terrier. He is a digger by nature and, in equal amounts, likes to dig in the outdoor dirt and on the indoor couch (burying his bones from friends and enemies).  If he sees you, see him,  burying a bone, he will move it!  He is part royalty with his full name being The Duke of South Mountain and all heart!

Lisa Dunn, author of the Chasmaria Chronicles seriesunnamed

“That’s your dog.”
I shook my head, laughed at the shelter employee, sharpened my resolve not to adopt a dog my husband hadn’t met. “We’re just here for a puppy fix.”
That boxer underbite gets me every time, but I was strong. I gathered the kids and walked away.
Two weeks…

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