12 Days of Christmas Multi-Author Giveaway!

Get ready for a 12 Days of Christmas Multi-Author giveaway!

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Oh my goodness, I’m so stoked about this big giveaway. It’s my first multi-author project, and I am honored and excited to highlight great authors from various genres!

Throughout the next 12 days we will be offering you lovely readers lots of Christmas-y and Bookish prizes!!

Prizes like:

  • mugs
  • scarves
  • bookmarks
  • paperback books!
  • ebooks!
  • lovely tea and hot chocolate
  • gift cards
  • A mini spa package!

Every day will be a different prize!

I can’t wait for you to find out what’s being given away each day! So set reminders, bookmark my blog home page. and return again between December 13th and December 24th. Each Giveaway will last 48 hours!

Participating Authors

Penelope Powell: author of contemporary romance – December 13th

Laurie Wood: author of romantic suspense – December 14th

Dena Netherton: author of contemporary romance – December 15th

Linda Brendle: non-fiction author – December 16th

Jennifer Pierce: author of romantic suspense – December 17th

Beverly Varnado: author of contemporary romance – December 18th

Sara Beth Williams: author of contemporary romance – December 19th

Katy Eeten + Becca Hart: authors of contemporary romance – December 20th

Jackie Minniti: author of middle grade historical fiction – December 21st

Andrea Jo Rodgers + Stephanie Eding: author of young adult adventure – December 22nd

Holly Cohen: author of middle grade fiction – December 23rd

Lisa Dunn: author of YA Christian Fantasy – December 24th

Come back soon my friends, on the 13th, to enjoy this string of giveaways! Don’t forget to share the giveaway with your friends!

Have you participated in giveaways before during the Christmas season? Feels like they are everywhere! What giveaways have you seen, or participated in, in December?


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