What Doughnut are You? by Allison Pearl

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What kind of doughnut (um writer?) are you? (I love this) I am… a Sprinkled doughnut Ahem – writer. I have learned to adapt!

So, what doughnut are you? Something listed above or all your own?

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Writers fascinate me. Not so much the ‘who’ but the ‘how.’ I took for granted that the recipes we all use to blend a series of errant thoughts into something yummy for the palate couldn’t be all that dissimilar. After all, a story is always our end result. Each might taste a little different but the mechanics are the same, right? Wrong.

As my writing career puts me in the path of more authors, I’ve realized just how varied and distinct the writing process is from writer to writer. With that in mind, I thought the best way to celebrate National Doughnut Day would be to take a closer look at some of these writing processes using my favorite breakfast time—who am I kidding? ANYTIME—treat to guide us. And maybe by the time we’re done you’ll be able to answer the question: Which doughnut are…

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