{Coffee with Kara}: The Author-Editor Relationship, Part 1

Great advice from my editor!

Anaiah Press

The single most asked question I receive is: What can I expect during edits? While the answer to this will vary from publisher to publisher depending on internal processes, there are some very basic things that should be expected within the author-editor relationship. In this three part mini-series, I’m going to very specifically outline what those expectations are, why they’re important, and how you can ensure they’re being met. So, for part one, I’m going to start by discussing what the editorial process entails here at Anaiah–which I’ll reference in future parts–and questions you should be asking.

Step #1 — After signing a contract with Anaiah Press, the editorial process begins immediately. When you receive your welcome email, included will be a developmental edit letter. This is basically a letter that outlines any big picture issues dealing with characterization, plot, pacing, etc.

Step #2 — Once the author completes developmental…

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