Research for Nothern Protector by Laurie Wood

Can’t wait for this new book to release! Laurie’s first one, Northern Deception, was fantastic. I love how amazing and thorough her research is!

Check out more about her research below

Anaiah Press

The second week of July, I flew north to Churchill, Manitoba, where I set my debut novel Northern Deception. Churchill is a small town on the west shore of Hudson Bay, roughly 68 miles from the Manitoba-Nunavut border. It sits on the edge of the boreal forest as the land goes north into tundra and the arctic.

It’s called the “Polar Bear Capitol of the World” for a reason. Canada has about 15,000 known polar bears in i’s population across its arctic expanse. It’s estimated that there are only about 25,000 polar bears left in the wild. Churchill sits right on the bear’s migration route out to the sea ice on Hudson Bay. Hundreds of bears come through the area/town during October/November each year on their way out to the ice where they’ll hunt ringed seals and store up the fat they need to survive back on land during the…

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