Top 5 Online Tools New Authors Need to Build a Platform by Sara Beth Williams

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The process of writing and publishing a book is no romantic snowy walk in the park. It takes tenacity, dedication, persistence and yes, some planning; even by those who claim to write by the seat of their pants. 

Publishing a book for the first time, while eliciting a euphoric feeling of accomplishment, isn’t the end destination. In order to impress readers, book reviewers, podcasters, and other media personnel (aka your potential author platform) you need to make the best use of these 5 online tools. (This is where that planning comes in.)

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1. You need a website

A website is like a home base. Your home base. Where you, the author, can display all your published works, awards and accomplishments, your blog—any and all information necessary so readers from everywhere can find out more about you. And you really, really want readers to find out more about you. In this…

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