10 Must Have Elements Your Website Needs to Impress Readers by Sara Beth Williams

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Let’s talk author websites:

Close your eyes; think of your favorite, popular author. Have you been to their website lately? What does it look like? Which aspects do you like/dislike? Is it clean and professional? Cluttered? Does it take days to load? (don’t you hate that? I do.) Huge print, small print, huge pictures, small pictures, no pictures? Are you impressed as a reader?

Now think about your own website, if you have one. (If you don’t yet, you’re in the right place!) Incorporating these following 10 elements will help impress your readers—and hopefully, they’ll stick around a while. 

1 A list of published works

This goes without saying – but you need to have a page dedicated to your books, with book covers, synopsis for each book and BUY links.

2 An About Me page

You should absolutely have a bio, short or long…

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