Happy Valentine’s Day from the Anaiah authors!

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We have a little surprise for you! In honor of Valentine’s Day, our authors are happy to share romantic excerpts with you in the name of love. We hope you enjoy!

From Nothing Ventured by Julie Arnold

“Dance with me,” Jax murmured, his lips brushing over her skin.

Dance with Jax? No, no, no! Her coordination was roughly on par with a swarm of mayflies blowing arbitrarily into people’s vinyl siding.


“C’mon, Maizey.” He chuckled at her gawkiness. “I promise I’ll return you just how I found you.”

“Thanks, but no.”

He gave her a look that could charm a grizzly bear. “Is it the dancing thing, or the ‘with me’ thing?”

She sighed. “I am the worst dancer on the planet. And with the added complication of high heels, I would be falling all over you.”

“Maizey, I’ve held on to twelve-foot trees in tree shakers with icy…

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