Top reads of 2020

Welcome to 2021. It’s been a year, hasn’t it.

At the end of every year I compile my favorite reads. Last year I compiled a list for the entire previous decade. That was hard, but fun! 

Now for the top reads of 2020, in no specific order. All of these reads, I’ve rated 5 stars. Some of them I’ve reviewed on my blog, some of them didn’t make it onto my blog yet.

Polarized Love was a fun read. I fell in love with Lachlan immediately. So swoony and romantic. A whirlwind romance with a shocking twist I didn’t see coming. Kept me turning the pages. 

I can’t stop talking about The Socialite. Such an amazing book. Full of intrigue, romance, and fast-paced adventure. One of the best historical fictions I’ve read recently. I need more books from this new-to-me author. 

Stepping into the light by Candee Fick was a pleasant surprise. I love her contemporary romances. To discover she writes equally gripping and entertaining historical romances was such a pleasure. I enjoyed this story for its authentic dialogue, and engaging characters and storyline. 

Susan May Warren’s Knox blew me away. I was wondering about all the hype surrounding the author and this series specifically and now I know. It’s just that good. 

In Spite of Ourselves … if I had to pick a #1 top read of 2020 this would be it. Absolutely phenomenal book with a powerful, beautiful message  about God’s love, woven within a beautiful, messy, heartbreaking romance. I can’t say enough good things about this story.

Mishaps on the Mainland is part of a unique series of connected novels set within a chain of islands. This book was so fun – full of witty banter, lots of animals, and romance of course. What I am most excited about, though, is the sequel šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰ I don’t have a review up on my blog yet, but you can check out the book here on Amazon.

I don’t typically read paranormal romance, but Eternal Curse by my friend Karda Leigh Miller blew me away. I love contemporary YA and it reads just like that of course, being set in a contemporary small town. The beauty of this romance, the engaging characters, and the fact that it was clean were all huge reasons I adored this book.Ā 


From Sky to Sky was a unique read, for me. Maybe others who read spec fic frequently may have found it more ordinary, but for me, I enjoyed the thought-provoking plot. The idea that immortals can exist, and believe in a one True God, was fascinating to me. How do young people handle immortality? How far would they go to keep it, or lose it in order to become ordinary? Such a fun book.Ā 

The moment I picked up the first Connilyn Coseette book, Counted with the Stars, I knew I had stumbled upon a phenomenal author. Every single book she writes is absolutely beautiful and fantastic. Shelter of the Most High is no different. Biblical fiction at its finest.

Draw me to your side was a timely read. I’d been looking for a Revolutionary War reed and this one fit the bill and kept me turning pages. Very engaging and moving. I’m hoping to pick up more books in the series soon.

What were your favorite reads in 2020? Let me know your top read in the comments.

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