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Sara Beth Williams has loved to read and write since her elementary school days. She loves a good story, regardless of platform. Therefore, she hates watching TV episodes out of order! (God forbid she should miss something vital to the overall story line!)

She was raised in Sacramento, California, and still resides there with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She graduated with a BA in Elementary Education from Fresno Pacific University in 2009. Her time is currently divided between working, raising her daughters, and writing every spare moment she can.

She loves children, writing, theater, music, and a good, soaking rainstorm. She has worked as a writer, and editor for her college newspaper, and as an after school and elementary educator. She  is currently working on her debut Contemporary Christian Romance called Second Chances. 

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9 thoughts on “About / Connect

  1. Great bio, Sara Beth, our interests are quite similar. It also drives me up a wall to see episodes out of order. lol
    Good luck with the blog and I look forward to seeing what you find for Mirth and Music Monday. The most important part is to have fun! 🙂


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