Sincerely Yours: Book Review + Giveaway w/ Celebrate Lit

Book:  Sincerely Yours Author: Kari Trumbo Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance Release Date: July 26, 2019 What if you fell in love with a man you’d never met? When marketing coordinator Liberty Dryden tries to help radio station owner and DJ Tom Higgs attract new listeners and advertisers, she hits a roadblock.He refuses to meet with her, and she hasContinue reading “Sincerely Yours: Book Review + Giveaway w/ Celebrate Lit”

Book Review: In Spite of Ourselves

In Spite of Ourselves: A Murphy Brothers Book 2 By Jennifer Rodewald Contemporary Christian Romance Summary Who could build a life on such a monumental mistake? Jackson Murphy: family prankster, class clown… and now, smack in the middle of a Vegas-sized mess. All he’d wanted was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After failing thatContinue reading “Book Review: In Spite of Ourselves”

I never thought I’d be in a short story collection!

So I did a thing back in May – and won 3rd place in a contest and now my story is being published in a short story collection that is going to be releasing at the end of July! You can check that out here:  Below, I’ve highlighted the stories, the other authors in theContinue reading “I never thought I’d be in a short story collection!”

Why I write romance + my top 5 romantic tropes

Welcome to the Summer Loving Blog tour! Hang out for this week and into the next for some fun giveaways and behind the scenes from other authors!  First – a little about me. Romance is my jam. I love the goofy, giddy, silliness of new romance and the solid, surety of old romance. I loveContinue reading “Why I write romance + my top 5 romantic tropes”

Cover Reveal: A Thousand Sacred Moments by Connie Ann Michael

Originally posted on Anaiah Press:
Every moment is sacred, even the hard ones.? Sawyer and Raven are finally happily married and living by the beach in California, but things are far from perfect. Unsettled with “normal” civilian life, Sawyer feels called back to the battlefield. With Raven’s reluctant agreement, Sawyer deploys with a helicopter medic…

Meet Joiya Morrison-Efemini, author of Petrified Flowers!

Originally posted on Anaiah Press:
What’s more important: characters or plot? Characters are more vital to my stories. Characters drive the plot. When I create a fictional person, or write about a person I know, the identity of that person forms her ideas, her dialogue, and her actions. As long as I stay true to…

Release Day: Petrified Flowers by Joiya Morrison-Efemini

Originally posted on Anaiah Press:
AMAZON LINK Book Blurb: Tragedy uproots Iris and her sisters, all named after flowers, from the solid ground of middle-class life and plants them, unsupervised, in the rocky terrain of low-income housing. In a world where rain falls only on the privileged,?Liam, a student who attends the elite private school…

Stepping into the light: Book Review

Stepping into the light: Within the castle gates #1 By Candee Fick Synopsis Sometimes the most heroic live in plain sight. Tragedy stalks Gunn Castle, most recently when the heir to the Gunn chiefdom died, leaving the land vulnerable to attack. But security has come in the promise of a marriage alliance with the ClanContinue reading “Stepping into the light: Book Review”

A Life Renewed: Book Review

A Life Renewed: Secrets of the Queens #1 By Olivia Rae Synopsis:  In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, “The Nine Days’ Queen” was executed for high treason.But what if, instead of feeling the blade on her neck she secretly survived? Escaping execution, Lady Jane hides as a peasant girl in a principality in Germany. She lovesContinue reading “A Life Renewed: Book Review”