NaNoWriMo update and Blog hop fun

#NaNoWriMo update Word count update: I’m at 28.000 ish words. I would post Work in Progress excerpts, but first drafts are messy, awful things, and it changes every time I sit down and write. The goal for this November is to produce a draft of events in sequential order. Then I can work with itContinue reading “NaNoWriMo update and Blog hop fun”

Book Review: The Shoemaker’s Wife

Currently, I’m going to stick to reviewing books that I highly recommend, that I would personally read again and again myself. (Tangent I mean, Fun fact: I rarely read books more than once unless I love it. However, I will watch a movie multiple times even if it’s not the greatest movie ever) Though IContinue reading “Book Review: The Shoemaker’s Wife”

“I’ve never been Ice skating,”

Actually, I have. I love it, but it’s been a long time since the last time I went. I think I was a teenager. Another trip is long overdue. But Jay  Mathews has not – because he’s been in prison for six years. So now that he’s out of prison, he intends to change that, as wellContinue reading ““I’ve never been Ice skating,””

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

I wish I could draw. I mean, really draw. I used to dabble in sketching and such, and I really do enjoy it, but any project I do ends up looking like something a six or eight year old would do. In junior high, I met a couple of students in my class who wereContinue reading ““Writing is the painting of the voice.””

Excerpt: It’s about time

Welcome to another excerpt from Second Chances. I ran across the blog of one of my new favorite authors Hallee Bridgeman and am  excited to join in her Christian Fiction Friday blog hop. If you’re interested, you can check out the other blogs at the link at the bottom of the page, to view other excerpts fromContinue reading “Excerpt: It’s about time”

Excerpt from Second Chances:

I entered the first portion in my first book in a contest so I will have to skip excerpts from the first portion for a bit. Later on, I’ll post excerpts from the beginning. For now, I wanted to show those who stop by what my book is all about. I hope you enjoy. LeaveContinue reading “Excerpt from Second Chances:”

Love is…complicated

Despite the risk of being extremely repetitive, I want to talk about love. Regardless of how redundant this little four-letter word is, I figure if I am going to write books about love, then I should define what I think love is. I’m stoked. I finally finished my manuscript (for good this time. After monthsContinue reading “Love is…complicated”