Marketing Services


If you’re beginning your career as an author and need help with marketing, I can help you set up any of the following marketing services.

Newsletter Coaching:

I can help you set up, brainstorm and pull together content for your first newsletter.

Minimum cost: one-time fee of $50 for two one-hour coaching sessions

If you’d like me to send monthly newsletters for you, I charge $30 a month per newsletter sent. If you’d like accompanying newsletter graphics that you can keep forever, I charge $25 for two graphics, and $15 per graphic afterward.

Website design/maintenance:  I can help you build a website. This includes choosing a hosting service, creating the layout, formatting and adding content to your website.

I can also help you edit and/or update your website. I can add graphics, edit text and other formatting and layout, to help create a clean, professional and appealing website for your audience. 

I don’t however at this time, transfer or clone one website to another website domain.

Blog design/maintenance: I can help you choose a blogging platform, and brainstorm/curate content in which to blog. I can help you set up and post your first blog post. I can also blog monthly for clients for a monthly fee. 

Clear communication regarding blogging content between client and myself is a must. Depending on how many clients I am working with at a time, (which may vary at any given time) I may have to cap how many posts I can produce.

Mission statement and additional pricing information

My goal is to help coach and instruct authors on how to use and implement these services on their own. However, I do offer monthly service charges for each service in exchange for providing some of these services monthly. I will also discount if multiple services are requested by one client.

At this time I choose to only represent fiction authors who write CLEAN, inspirational or Christian fiction in any adult genre. (No non-fiction, picture book, MG or YA authors)