Happy Blogiversary!

I can hardly comprehend that I’ve been blogging for two years. It’s awesome, astounding, and exciting! Here’s some of my accomplishments over the last two years Free book downloads:  98089080890 OK NOT REALLY but it feels like I’ve downloaded that many! Blog posts: 238 Twitter: 704 followers TBR pile: INSANELY HIGH. There are so many … More Happy Blogiversary!

Hallee Bridgeman Celebrating 5 years of being published

One of the authors that inspired me to begin writing toward publication is celebrating 5 years of being independently published. She’s doing quite well for herself! God bless her and her family. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with her a few times, and someday I really would like to meet her. To find a … More Hallee Bridgeman Celebrating 5 years of being published

One year blog-anniversary!

The month of August – (not exactly sure which day) – marks the One Year Anniversary for my blog!   Surprised??  Me too!!  “Screams” “Flails” “Stares at everyone in shock” Okay so it’s SEPTEMBER IST. I know, I forgot I’M SORRY! “hides face” Guess what guys, I’m not the only one with a blog anniversary!! Check out Katie Grace whose … More One year blog-anniversary!