What’s your favorite thing to buy on Black Friday?

2 things I love: Sales and Giveaways. Have I ever told you how much I love Black Friday? I am a brave soul. I’ve gone out shopping many times, and have had some fun experiences, both in the early morning rush, and just throughout the day. I love buying jeans on Black Friday especially, andContinue reading “What’s your favorite thing to buy on Black Friday?”

Interview & a Giveaway!

Friends,  if you’re reading this, you may or may not notice I’ve finally had time to sit down and clean up my website! I love the new look. Very smooth and clean. I hope you like it, too! Take a look-see around, tell me what you think! September is a month of Firsts for me.Continue reading “Interview & a Giveaway!”

It’s Launch Day! A Worthy Heart Blog Tour and giveaways!

it’s launch day for A Worthy Heart! The fact that I am launching a SECOND book is astounding, and shocking to me. It’s very surreal and probably won’t sink in til later. i couldn’t have gotten through the first book, let ALONE the second book, without the help of so many people. My mom, dad,Continue reading “It’s Launch Day! A Worthy Heart Blog Tour and giveaways!”

Launch team! You’re invited!

Hey friends! It’s that time again! I can’ hardly believe it’s actually round TWO. It’s all sort of still surreal for me at the moment. If you’ve not heard through social media, or  via my newsletter, I’ve signed a contract with Anaiah Press for the sequel to When Hearts Collide! Now, all I need isContinue reading “Launch team! You’re invited!”

We Love Our Readers Event & #Giveaway

Happy February! It’s love of reading month! What better way to celebrate than to give away all the books!! To people who love to read!! February 9th – 16th, Join Celebrate Lit and 30+ other authors as they give away fun prizes! Like books and gift cards! Check out their Facebook Event HERE to find outContinue reading “We Love Our Readers Event & #Giveaway”

Top 5 authors who’ve inspired me: And A giveaway!

Throughout this often painstakingly slow journey toward publication, there are several authors who’ve inspired me at different phases in my journey. Some of them know this already; there are others who’ve no idea that I’m about to shower them with compliments in a minute. First, I want to make clear, in the last five yearsContinue reading “Top 5 authors who’ve inspired me: And A giveaway!”

Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)

If you’ve not seen or heard on social media, I’m doing a giveaway throughout the month of June. Why am I doing a giveaway? Why not? Haha! You’d be surprised how random some authors’ giveaways really are. I love it! I’m a sucker for entering giveaways, they’re tons of fun! This one isn’t quite soContinue reading “Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)”