10 Military books in Christian Fiction to celebrate #MemorialDay

Happy Memorial Day!  In honor of Memorial Day, below are my ten favorite books where the characters are either military, or former military.  There are hundreds of Christian Fiction books with more military-centric plots. Some wonderful authors to check out with military centric books are: Hallee Bridgeman, Sarah Sundin, Ronnie Kendig, Mel Odom, Tricia Goyer,Continue reading “10 Military books in Christian Fiction to celebrate #MemorialDay”

Unorthodox writing advice

Writing is one of those endeavors some people love, some people hate, and some people love to hate. You may have scoured the internet for writing advice, and stumbled here. My friends, Instead of the same ol’ same ol’ I bring you something new: 5 (not so) unorthodox writing tips to spice things up GoContinue reading “Unorthodox writing advice”

Top 10 books of 2018

This is the first year I’ve kept track of the books I’ve read in a journal. All the books I’ve finished reading this year have been fabulous reads and I could add more if I wanted to make the list longer. But lists are always fun to make so I compiled my top 10! NoContinue reading “Top 10 books of 2018”

What makes a great story? SECRETS

What makes a great story? Plot. What drives plot forward, besides a strong, identifiable goal? SECRETS When a character keeps a secret on purpose, it creates conflict, misunderstandings, and high stakes. Characters can keep massive secrets, or simple, little secrets they think are insignificant (Hint: a character’s secret should be significant to SOMEONE in theContinue reading “What makes a great story? SECRETS”

5 reasons why you should enter a writing contest

Writer contests can be an invaluable learning tool for writers and there are a slew of benefits to you, the aspiring writer. (or published author) Here are my top 5 reasons why you should enter a writing contest. Of course, there are plenty more than just my five personal reasons… but baby steps. Writing contests canContinue reading “5 reasons why you should enter a writing contest”

What you need to know before you pursue publishing

So you’ve finished that Manuscript. Maybe it’s taken you years. Maybe only months. The point is, you’re finally done! Now you’re probably overwhelmed with choices. What if’s? What do you do now? I’ve created a comprehensive list of the steps to take that can greatly aid you while you seek publication. “Don’t I just query?Continue reading “What you need to know before you pursue publishing”

5 Main Character pet peeves

There are just some main characters that drive you cra-zy. You know those characters that make you want to throw a book away or toss it in the fire or permanently delete your digital copy… Jerks This is kind of a broad topic. The way people define Jerk can be different, depending on how youContinue reading “5 Main Character pet peeves”

A New Author’s wishlist

    Now that I’m a new, soon-to-be published author, I have the right to make a wish list right???  I hope so. (Not that I will get anything on my wish list anytime soon. But that’s okay!! Publishing a book traditionally can be a lengthy process, but I’m so glad I am finally beginningContinue reading “A New Author’s wishlist”