This is not a test: Music Monday Album Review

This is not a Test: Toby Mac Christian pop/contemporary               Toby Mac’s newest album This is not a Test is a prime example of a contemporary christian artist at his best. Not only did the CD produce numerous radio hits, he also chose to collaborate with lesser-known artists on 5Continue reading “This is not a test: Music Monday Album Review”

Fight song: Rachel Platten

Happy Music Monday! Here’s another addition to my book series playlist. Fight song: Rachel Platten The first time I heard this song, I had chills. Instantly, I identified this song with Serena’s situation. She’s naive, but strong. She’s a fighter, she doesn’t give up easily. She’s independent, she struggles through it on her own, evenContinue reading “Fight song: Rachel Platten”

Overcomer: Mandisa

On Mondays, I highlight a song from my book playlists. When I began working on my second manuscript, which would be Book 2 of this Second Chance series I’m writing, as soon as I heard this song, it resonated with my story, and has stuck with me through the entire writing/editing process. Overcomer by Mandisa This songContinue reading “Overcomer: Mandisa”

My Book playlist: Music Monday

I have posted songs that have inspired me in the past, specifically songs that inspired me while I sat writing my first MS. While only a few hit me in the face like a blast of cold air, literally stopping me in my tracks, letting me know that ‘this’ song is meant to be associatedContinue reading “My Book playlist: Music Monday”

You are God alone: Phillips Craig & Dean

Whenever people go through difficult situations – I’m not talking small stuff, I’m talking divorce, the death of a family member, the loss of a job, or any other major incredible loss, many will turn to the sky and cry out, “Why, God!” Sometimes I ask myself that question too, in regards to smaller things.Continue reading “You are God alone: Phillips Craig & Dean”

Made new

Music inspires me. Anything with written words inspires me. It probably drives my husband crazy, but I will analyze a song to pieces on a long road trip based on the lyrics, the voice, the mood of the song, the beats, the rhythm. Some people, all they hear are the beats or rhythms. They don’tContinue reading “Made new”