Top reads of 2020

Welcome to 2021. It’s been a year, hasn’t it. At the end of every year I compile my favorite reads. Last year I compiled a list for the entire previous decade. That was hard, but fun!  Now for the top reads of 2020, in no specific order. All of these reads, I’ve rated 5 stars.Continue reading “Top reads of 2020”

Top 10 books of the decade

What’s your decade look like in the form of books? Let me know what your favorite read of the decade was below!  I haven’t been the greatest at keeping track of what I’ve read until recently,, but I will say, every year there’s always been at least one memorable book I’ve read. So let’s seeContinue reading “Top 10 books of the decade”

2018 in Review + Goals for 2019!

Happy New Year !! May this be the year you accomplish great things Whether in writing, or in everyday life! Here’s a look back on my goals from 2018 Writing goals from 2018 To revise, submit and sign a contact and/or publish the 2nd book in my Second chances series: So I submitted my 2ndContinue reading “2018 in Review + Goals for 2019!”

The last Decade: Then and now

My life has completely and utterly changed throughout the last decade. Some things for the better. Some things not so much. What happened from 2010 to now Well… I graduated college in December 2009. That counts right? lol Jason and I were newly married and when the economy tanked, he couldn’t get into the stateContinue reading “The last Decade: Then and now”