It’s Launch Day! A Worthy Heart Blog Tour and giveaways!

it’s launch day for A Worthy Heart! The fact that I am launching a SECOND book is astounding, and shocking to me. It’s very surreal and probably won’t sink in til later. i couldn’t have gotten through the first book, let ALONE the second book, without the help of so many people. My mom, dad,Continue reading “It’s Launch Day! A Worthy Heart Blog Tour and giveaways!”

Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)

If you’ve not seen or heard on social media, I’m doing a giveaway throughout the month of June. Why am I doing a giveaway? Why not? Haha! You’d be surprised how random some authors’ giveaways really are. I love it! I’m a sucker for entering giveaways, they’re tons of fun! This one isn’t quite soContinue reading “Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)”

#NewReleases # 3

  If you have not heard yet, I can now offically call myself an author, as I have signed a contracat with Anaiah Press. Read more about that here. As an author, I love telling other readers about other great authors! Below are four new releases by four amazing authors! Check them out! All titlesContinue reading “#NewReleases # 3”

5 New Releases to check out: #2

Here are 5 New Releases in Christian Fiction that you’ll want to check out! All these books either already have been or will be released¬†between December, 2016 and June 2017 #1 Above Rubies. by Keely Brooke Keith Genre: Christian fiction Release Date: ¬†February 26, 2017 Amazon             #2 True toContinue reading “5 New Releases to check out: #2”

#CampNaNoWriMo update – great news – and a call for Beta Readers!

Right about the time I had read through 3 chapters of my 2nd book, which I am working on editing/revising for #CampNaNo, I get an e-mail. If you know me from twitter, you MAY have already heard the news. Well, here it is officially, I have been sent a request for a full manuscript forContinue reading “#CampNaNoWriMo update – great news – and a call for Beta Readers!”

Positive happenings: Good news, and bad news

#1. I love my baby girls. I received a rejection letter Friday and stood there contemplating how to react. Then my girls were kind of wrestling on the couch, so I went and wrestled with them, and we all just laughed and laughed and laughed. There was time to be angry later. #2 I haveContinue reading “Positive happenings: Good news, and bad news”