Tuesday Tidbits: Life is like a Work in Progress

When I edit a book, running through draft number whatever (let’s say 4 or 5 or 10?) I leave some things the way they are. Other things I change, I enhance, I sharpen the writing, I bring in more details, or maybe cut out writing with too much details. At the end, the final productContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Life is like a Work in Progress”

Tuesday Tidbits: The Oscars

Funny right? But is it? I heard a excellent analysis on KLOVE (a christian music station) regarding this unfortunate debacle at the Oscars over the weekend. Yes, it’s funny to laugh at people who make mistakes. Especially huge glaring mistakes. Maybe he’s laughing at himself Maybe he’s not. Maybe he’s really upset and angry andContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: The Oscars”

Why writing is like Sudoku: Tuesday Tidbits

You know Sudoku, right? That highly addictive little numbers game where you have to fill in 9 squares with numbers 1 through 9, AND make sure that each vertical and horizontal line ALSO has the numbers 1 through 9 without repeating. It’s mind numbing fun. But how is it compared to writing? When you fillContinue reading “Why writing is like Sudoku: Tuesday Tidbits”

Tuesday Tidbits: So you want to become a writer

Sometimes when you write, you find the process smooth, like a river, like melted honey, a fluid process where your words pour from you with complete ease. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, when the fluidity stops. What do you do then? You work. You fight for every word. You research, you thumbContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: So you want to become a writer”

Tuesday Tidbit #4. Building your character is like building a lego tower

Building your character is like building a lego tower. Can you tell I have 2 kids? When you build a lego tower, you don’t know how complicated it will become until you’re in the process of building, of adding one block and then another block, ooh and then this short one, oh and then theContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbit #4. Building your character is like building a lego tower”

Tuesday Tidbit #2: I am thankful!

This Christmas season, things have been a bit difficult for us. That’s the nature of the type of job I work in. (Trying to find a better, more constant line work…) But I am extremely grateful for having a generous family on both sides, my in-laws, I’m so glad we are family. My parents andContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbit #2: I am thankful!”

Tuesday Tidbits #1 Time travel

I thought it would be fun to share quick, thought-provoking tidbits from my heart every week. Sometimes I find myself with these short, not-quite-long-enough-t0-make-a-blog-post thoughts that pop up every so often, and then Lightbulb! Why can’t they be a blog post? They might be thoughts on writing, reading, editing, spiritual life, or life in general. TheyContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits #1 Time travel”