How to take your writing to the next level Part 2

Realizing or recognizing poor writing issues and bad habits is easy. Resolving the issues on the other hand, is like playing Chutes and ladders. You feel like you’re on the right track and then, you step on the wrong square and  WHOOSH! down you go back to where you began. That’s how both of theseContinue reading “How to take your writing to the next level Part 2”

How to take your writing to the next level Pt 1

Taking your writing to the next level is hard. Ask any writer who has been seriously pursuing writing for more than a year. It’s more than just taking your writing to the next level. It’s about taking your writing to the next level all the time. To the next level, and then the next level after that WritingContinue reading “How to take your writing to the next level Pt 1”

The Setting Thesaurus Books Are Here!!

Think of your absolute favorite story. What are some of the aspects of that story that you rave about to your friends and family? For me, it’s the ability of the book to pull me into it’s world, making me feel as if I’m there, as if I am hearing, seeing, listening, tasting… As writers,Continue reading “The Setting Thesaurus Books Are Here!!”

Top 10 Twitter Hashtags for writers

If you are a writer, whether traditionally published, self-published, or still waiting to be published, Twitter is where you need to be. I’ll admit, I never knew the potential that Twitter could offer. But if you know how to use it, Twitter can easily be your best friend. It takes a bit to get your bearings.Continue reading “Top 10 Twitter Hashtags for writers”

Rock your Revisions: essential books for editing

Finishing a draft for the first time (or even the third time) is like…breathing in fresh, mountain air; like winning 1st place in Mario Kart, or watching your infant eat real food for the first time, or take their first steps. It’s amazing! Then comes the process of editing. Sometimes, if you’re lucky and haveContinue reading “Rock your Revisions: essential books for editing”

Finding photos: writing and blogging resources

Photos and images are essential for grabbing the reader’s attention, Posts with videos attract 3X more links than text-only posts. If you’re like me, you use used to use whatever cool, awesome, fascinating photos you find off google Images. Unfortunately, there’s this thing called copyright infringement. It’s complicated. I’ll let you read all about it on onContinue reading “Finding photos: writing and blogging resources”

The Plot Thickens: Essential books for writing

Most authors I know have an entire shelf dedicated to books on the craft of writing. There are plenty to choose from, and many with great reviews that I will hopefully own one day. The following books in this series of essential books for writing/editing, I have used personally and I promise you, you willContinue reading “The Plot Thickens: Essential books for writing”

5 FREE online resources for writers

There are countless resources available to writers that you can purchase online or otherwise; from Scrivener, to multiple online forums, writers’ blogs,  critique groups, editing software, apps and tools… Everyone needs a little something FREE in their life. Here’s 5 free tools I’ve discovered that have proven useful to me as a writer. Dictionary/ IContinue reading “5 FREE online resources for writers”

Top 5 blogger resources: Writing/blogging resources part 1

Every new blogger wishes they knew more before they finally clicked “publish” on their first post – even those bloggers who did months of research scouring the internet for information on how to make your blog great. Blogging, as in writing, as in everything in life, is a learning process. I got you covered: Here’s a listContinue reading “Top 5 blogger resources: Writing/blogging resources part 1”