WIPpet Wednesday – Jan 13th

I feel like it’s taken me literally 2 weeks to get over the chaos of the holidays. Right after New Year’s, it rained for 5 days (nearly). Normally I love the rain. I really, really do. Just not when I’m stuck with kids in the house all day. 🙂 I have 13 paragraphs for yourContinue reading “WIPpet Wednesday – Jan 13th”

Wednesday double header

It’s time for WWW Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday. WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a world of Words All you have to do is answer three questions. What am I currently reading: The Restorer: Sword of Lyric Book 1: by Sharon Hinck. So far, I love it. The quality of writing is excellent and IContinue reading “Wednesday double header”

Decorating for Christmas

So i realized that I should have posted this WIP snippet last week considering it was the week of Christmas and all. The last two weeks have been a bit crazy for our family… In this scene, Jay comes over to Lacey’s house to help her decorate, because 1) he wants any excuse to beContinue reading “Decorating for Christmas”

WIPet Wednesday

I almost didn’t post today, since I’m still sick. Blah. But, I probably won’t post next Wednesday, and I didn’t want to miss two weeks. This is another Excerpt from Second Chances. Still slugging through the final edit. I’m about halfway done. If done is even a word in a writer’s dictionary… Scene set up: ThisContinue reading “WIPet Wednesday”

WIPet Wednesday

Today’s excerpt comes from my first work in progress, which I am extremely excited about. I found out that the family who runs the small publishing company I am intending to send this baby to, are moving across the state they live in. Ah, fun….more waiting for me. All this waiting is getting on myContinue reading “WIPet Wednesday”

WIP Wednesday

Thanks to A Keyboard and an Open Mind for hosting the WIPet Wednesdays. It’s a great way for bloggers to connect. I have another excerpt from Chapter 2 this time, of Waters of Peace. I thought about posting 250 words but the excerpt would’ve been a bit incomplete. So I chose a longer section. 25Continue reading “WIP Wednesday”

“Works in Progress” Wednesday

Sadly, my Christian Fiction Friday blog hop I joined fell to the wayside. I have realized recently that blog hop hosting is rather time-consuming so I don’t fault the host at all. Someday, I might pick it up myself, when I’m more established. That said, I found another blog hop and it’s quite established. WIPpetContinue reading ““Works in Progress” Wednesday”