The end of a series (a book review in disguise)

How many times has the end of a series disappointed you? Maybe a little, or maybe “throw your book at the wall” disappointed? LOST. Merlin (COME ON!) The Hunger games. (I personally found the first two wonderful…the third wasn’t nearly so IMO, though I don’t think others share that opinion :)) JAG. (most of youContinue reading “The end of a series (a book review in disguise)”

Yesterday by Amanda Tru: Book Review

Yesterday: The Yesterday Series: Book 1 By Amanda Tru Genre: Christian Romance Suspense Time Tavel 198 pages.     Synopsis:  Her yesterday was five years ago. What will her tomorrow bring? When HANNAH KRAEGER saves a family injured in a car accident, she has no idea she has changed events in the past. Waking theContinue reading “Yesterday by Amanda Tru: Book Review”

The Restorer: Book Review

The restorer: Sword of Lyric Book 1 By Sharon Hinck Genre: Christian fiction/christian speculative fiction           Synopsis: Susan Mitchell sees herself as an ordinary soccer mom, until she’s pulled through a portal into another world, where a nation grappling for its soul waits for a promised Restorer to save their people.Continue reading “The Restorer: Book Review”