10 Military books in Christian Fiction to celebrate #MemorialDay

Happy Memorial Day!  In honor of Memorial Day, below are my ten favorite books where the characters are either military, or former military.  There are hundreds of Christian Fiction books with more military-centric plots. Some wonderful authors to check out with military centric books are: Hallee Bridgeman, Sarah Sundin, Ronnie Kendig, Mel Odom, Tricia Goyer,Continue reading “10 Military books in Christian Fiction to celebrate #MemorialDay”

Top 10 books of 2018

This is the first year I’ve kept track of the books I’ve read in a journal. All the books I’ve finished reading this year have been fabulous reads and I could add more if I wanted to make the list longer. But lists are always fun to make so I compiled my top 10! NoContinue reading “Top 10 books of 2018”

A Harmony for Steve: Book Review

A Harmony for Steve: Song of Suspense Book 4 By Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Christian Romance/suspense Synopsis Christian contemporary singing sensation, daughter of Christian radio and media family counselor icons, HARMONY HARPER, has spent her entire life serving God. From teen sensation to celebrated adult Christian contemporary music artist, she regularly plays sold-out concerts everywhere sheContinue reading “A Harmony for Steve: Book Review”

A Carol for Kent: Book Review

A Carol for Kent: Song of Suspense book 3 by Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Christian Romance/suspense Synopsis A Ruthless Serial Killer Seeks to End a Love Song Eight Years in the Making. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney CAROL MABRY heads up an investigation into a string of stranglings in Virginia’s capital. The serial killer known as Richmond RedContinue reading “A Carol for Kent: Book Review”

An Aria for Nick: Book Review

An Aria for Nick: Song of Suspense book 2 By Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Christian romance/suspense Synopsis: Raised in a loving home, Aria Suarez dreamed of becoming a professional pianist happily married to her high school crush. After the only boy who ever caught her eye dies a hero’s death and her wrist is shattered along with herContinue reading “An Aria for Nick: Book Review”

New Releases in 2018 (and 2017)

I’m stoked to bring you another batch of New Release / soon to be released books for the winter season! Clicking on any of the links will bring you to the synopsis. Heralding: By Faith Rivens Genre: Urban Fantasy Release Date: December 4th, 2017 Faith has been a dear friend met through blogging, and I’mContinue reading “New Releases in 2018 (and 2017)”

Jade’s Match: Book Review

Jade’s Match: The Jewels Series Book 7 By Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance Release date: January 30th, 2018 Synopsis: Two Olympians are matched in a media campaign that turns into something more than a game. Rio Games silver medalist and social media darling CORA “JADE” ANDERSON is approached by a popular cell phone companyContinue reading “Jade’s Match: Book Review”

Valor’s Vigil: Book Review

Valor’s Vigil (Book 8 in the Virtues and Valor series) By Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Christian / historical fiction Synopsis LEOPOLD SCHäFER, the only child of Major Charlene Radden and former spy, Karl Schäfer has trained his enter life for this moment in time. An American spy undercover in a Nazi uniform operating under the codenameContinue reading “Valor’s Vigil: Book Review”