Dance Over Me: Book Review

Dance Over Me: by Candee Fick Genre: Contemporary inspirational romance Synopsis: Danielle Lefontaine, a fledgling actress, has her sights set on Broadway. But when a jealous cast member threatens to drop the curtain on her dreams, Danielle fears her one brilliant moment in the spotlight is about to become a dim memory. Alex Sheridan isContinue reading “Dance Over Me: Book Review”

Claiming the cowboy’s heart: Book Review

My Book Review Disclaimer: Currently, I’m sticking with reviewing books that I highly recommend. You can be assured that any book review posted on here is worthy of 4 to 5 stars IMHO. (Tangent I mean, Fun fact: I rarely read books more than once unless I love it. However, I will watch a movie multiple timesContinue reading “Claiming the cowboy’s heart: Book Review”

The Angel Trilogy: Lurlene McDaniel

The Angel Trilogy: Lurlene McDaniel Genre: Young Adult, Inspirational romance,  Synopsis:  Leah is not happy about being stuck in the hospital for the holidays while her mother is thousands of miles away on a honeymoon with husband number five. Until she meets her hospital roommate, Rebekah, and her big family. Cynical 16-year-old Leah has neverContinue reading “The Angel Trilogy: Lurlene McDaniel”

Book Review: Topaz Heat

  Topaz Heat: Inspirational Romance (The Jewels Series Book 3) By Hallee Bridgeman   Synopsis from The very moment Derrick meets Sarah, he realizes he has a reason to live. Sarah sees only an unshaven tough kid covered with tattoos and shuts down every advance. Sarah Thomas has no memory of her broken youngContinue reading “Book Review: Topaz Heat”