Christian fiction Friday

I know it’s Saturday. Posting my excerpt a bit late this week. 🙂 This scene is from chapter 10 in my first MS Second Chances. This time, no context. I think the scene provides enough on it’s own 🙂 “Happy New Year,” Jay whispered, after the crowd had finished counting down, screaming incessantly. He kissedContinue reading “Christian fiction Friday”

New Year’s Resolutions Book tag

This interesting book blog tag was created by Emily over at Embulhee liest, and Shivii @browneyedmusings. I thought I’d try it out. Let’s see…how many questions does it take to analyze one’s bookshelf? Get in shape – name a book that doesn’t quite fit on your shelf correctly This is one of my husband’s books. ThisContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions Book tag”