WIPpet Wednesday – March 16

It’s time for WIPpet Wednesday! But first, my weekly progress. I have made great headway in rewriting on my 2nd Manuscript. While that’s awesome, that also means that I’ll have to definitely go through again after rewriting, because a large chunk of it will be newly written…fun… In going through my 2nd MS, I’ve discoveredContinue reading “WIPpet Wednesday – March 16”

Overcomer: Mandisa

On Mondays, I highlight a song from my book playlists. When I began working on my second manuscript, which would be Book 2 of this Second Chance series I’m writing, as soon as I heard this song, it resonated with my story, and has stuck with me through the entire writing/editing process. Overcomer by Mandisa This songContinue reading “Overcomer: Mandisa”

WIPpet Wednesday March 9th

Thank you, to those of you who’ve read and enjoyed the excerpts I post. I love the idea of drumming up so much interest, but It’s a bit difficult to find excerpts that won’t end up giving away all of the great parts of the story. Hmm…what can I do with the number 12? Here’sContinue reading “WIPpet Wednesday March 9th”

Character Book Tag

This is a cool tag a blogger friend of mine, Faith, posted a while back. Reading hers was a delight. She has a fascinating WIP. You should definitely check out her blog. One of the things I enjoy about her blog is that she sets her own trends 🙂 Some of these questions and answersContinue reading “Character Book Tag”

WIPpet Wednesday – March 2nd

If you’re unfamiliar with WIPpet Wednesday, it’s a great weekly meme hosted by Emily Witt where authors can share excerpts from Works in Progress. I have greatly enjoyed reading others’ WIPs and getting to know other authors’ stories. Today, I have a section from my 2nd MS, rather far into the book actually, past theContinue reading “WIPpet Wednesday – March 2nd”

My Book playlist: Music Monday

I have posted songs that have inspired me in the past, specifically songs that inspired me while I sat writing my first MS. While only a few hit me in the face like a blast of cold air, literally stopping me in my tracks, letting me know that ‘this’ song is meant to be associatedContinue reading “My Book playlist: Music Monday”

Christian fiction Friday

I know it’s Saturday. Posting my excerpt a bit late this week. 🙂 This scene is from chapter 10 in my first MS Second Chances. This time, no context. I think the scene provides enough on it’s own 🙂 “Happy New Year,” Jay whispered, after the crowd had finished counting down, screaming incessantly. He kissedContinue reading “Christian fiction Friday”

WIPet Wednesday Feb 17th

I just rewrote this piece today, from my 2nd book, this morning. Yey! I rewrote it in Joel’s POV because it was previously in Jessica/Serena’s POV. Important info:  I changed Jessica’s name to Serena. YEY. Now I have to come up with a last name that is NOT Williams. Serena and Lacey are best friends.Continue reading “WIPet Wednesday Feb 17th”

WIPet Wednesday – Feb 10th

It’s almost here. When you think about Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Movies, dinner, chocolate, candy, teddy bears, flowers, roses, candle light… cliche after cliche, right? How do you write a scene about Valentine’s Day without being cliche? I had to rewrite my entire chapter that centered on Valentine’s day at least three times.Continue reading “WIPet Wednesday – Feb 10th”

WWW and WIPet Wednesday – Feb 3rd.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a world of words. A weekly meme where we book nerds talk about what we’re reading and all that fun stuff. Though I usually ad mine in bi-weekly, or monthly… What did I finish reading To protect and serve – A contemporary Christian romance by Staci Stallings Man – ifContinue reading “WWW and WIPet Wednesday – Feb 3rd.”