Valor’s Vigil: Book Review

Valor’s Vigil (Book 8 in the Virtues and Valor series) By Hallee Bridgeman Genre: Christian / historical fiction Synopsis LEOPOLD SCHäFER, the only child of Major Charlene Radden and former spy, Karl Schäfer has trained his enter life for this moment in time. An American spy undercover in a Nazi uniform operating under the codenameContinue reading “Valor’s Vigil: Book Review”

Flight of Faith: Book Review

Flight of Faith: #7 in the virtues and valor series by Hallee Bridgeman Historical fiction/inspirational fiction Synopsis: HELEN MULBERRY, the youngest child and only daughter of a wealthy Texas oil tycoon, has always had her every wish granted immediately. When the Germans march into France, no one denies her request to fly her plane toContinue reading “Flight of Faith: Book Review”

Charity’s Code: Book review

Charity’s Code: #3 in the virtues and valor series By Hallee Bridgeman Historical fiction, inspirational fiction Synopsis: DORTHY EWING never met a crossword puzzle that she couldn’t solve with shocking speed. As a loving wife and mother of three children, she had an idyllic life with her home and her puzzles – until she hadContinue reading “Charity’s Code: Book review”