#WIPjoy week #1 Review

#WIPJoy is here! I love #WIPjoy SO much. It is part of what made me fall in love and realize the value and the fun of Twitter. Yes, Twitter can be crazy bogged down with ridiculous people tweeting and retweeting constant  garbage and trying to sell you stuff, but then there are wonderful hashtag partiesContinue reading “#WIPjoy week #1 Review”

5 positive happenings: A birthday, an editor responses and $5 gift cards

#1 An Editor from Pelican Book Group has emailed me back “Everyone get up and dance!”  She complimented my book, then requested a few specific changes, and wants me to resubmit to her. #2: TWO different days this week I entered classrooms that had no lesson plans. (as a guest teacher) And I nailed bothContinue reading “5 positive happenings: A birthday, an editor responses and $5 gift cards”

Positive happenings: All about my kiddos

#1 My 2nd daughter turned ONE this week. And my oldest daughter turns 5 in September. I forgot about this amazing joy that overflows when you see your children turn 1 year. #2 We had a little celebration with cake and cupcakes. It’s always entertaining to watch little babies try to eat cake 🙂 My olderContinue reading “Positive happenings: All about my kiddos”

Positive happenings #6: Bible verses, politics, music

  The last week of June and the first week of July were rather terrible. Ugh. Sick children, and other immediate family stuff. People doing illegal fireworks behind our apartments,keeping my daughter up at night. It has caused me to be in a grumpy mood I have been thinking lately – ok more like, allContinue reading “Positive happenings #6: Bible verses, politics, music”

5 positive happenings #4: Celebrating 100 followers! and 2 blog giveaway books

  Here are 5 positive things that happened over the week So I have 100 followers guys!!! I can’t believe it! I know that followers aren’t technically the same as email subscribers or whatever, but STILL THAT IS AWESOME! Thank you for following me! I sent out my first MS to a couple of betaContinue reading “5 positive happenings #4: Celebrating 100 followers! and 2 blog giveaway books”

Positive happenings: Week 3

” Is it actually June already? I’m shocked at how fast this year has flown by. Positive stuff that’s going on in my life. This was my daughter’s last week of preschool. Next fall she’ll be going into TK (transitional kindergarten) I won ANOTHER BOOK GIVEAWAY from Faith Rivens’ blog. I think I should layContinue reading “Positive happenings: Week 3”

5 positive happenings

  Here are 5 positive things that happened over the week So my daughter loves Frozen. The other day, Let it Go came onto the Pandora station. (We play the kiddo station for her.) So she comes out of her room screaming “My favorite song!’ and starts singing “Let it go” at the top ofContinue reading “5 positive happenings”

5 positive happenings: Week 1

I have to admit. I can be…am….sometimes…a negative person. Blogging has actually helped me tremendously to practice more positive behavior. Transferring my positivity (look, I made up a word!) to real life, every day routines isn’t always easy, but I’m working on that. So, I’m going to begin weekly wrap-ups, where I talk about positive thingsContinue reading “5 positive happenings: Week 1”