What’s your favorite thing to buy on Black Friday?

2 things I love: Sales and Giveaways. Have I ever told you how much I love Black Friday? I am a brave soul. I’ve gone out shopping many times, and have had some fun experiences, both in the early morning rush, and just throughout the day. I love buying jeans on Black Friday especially, andContinue reading “What’s your favorite thing to buy on Black Friday?”

Interview & a Giveaway!

Friends,  if you’re reading this, you may or may not notice I’ve finally had time to sit down and clean up my website! I love the new look. Very smooth and clean. I hope you like it, too! Take a look-see around, tell me what you think! September is a month of Firsts for me.Continue reading “Interview & a Giveaway!”

Reconciliation (+ Mother’s Day Giveaway!)

This year, Mother’s Day snuck up on me. It will be 10 months since my mom passed away. I’ve been very busy, as my dad has also developed many health problems and I’ve been taking care of him. Now it’s spring and the rain has finally given way to lots of sunshine and it’s timeContinue reading “Reconciliation (+ Mother’s Day Giveaway!)”

Launch team! You’re invited!

Hey friends! It’s that time again! I can’ hardly believe it’s actually round TWO. It’s all sort of still surreal for me at the moment. If you’ve not heard through social media, or  via my newsletter, I’ve signed a contract with Anaiah Press for the sequel to When Hearts Collide! Now, all I need isContinue reading “Launch team! You’re invited!”