#WIPjoy and Character Aesthetics

If you haven’t heard, #WIPjoy is back and if you’re on Twitter, you SERIOUSLY need to check out this hashtag event. I loved today’s prompt/questions so much I thought i’d share everything all at once with those of you who might not peruse #WIPjoy’s thread. The two main characters from my third book are MattContinue reading “#WIPjoy and Character Aesthetics”

5 Positive happenings: #WIPjoy, my birthday and generosity

SOOO I totally thought I posted this last weekend, but it did not apparently make it out of my draft box. My apologies!! My birthday happened over the 4th weekend in January and it was very pleasant and exciting to be able to spend time with people, some of whom I haven’t seen in aContinue reading “5 Positive happenings: #WIPjoy, my birthday and generosity”

5 reasons why I love #WIPjoy

#WIPjoy is back again. What is #WIPjoy, you ask? Come one, come all! Use the hashtag #WIPjoy & RT/❤️/comment to share the writerly fun. (Keep watch for another surprise event mid-January!) pic.twitter.com/B1CeAzfnBt — Bethany A. Jennings✨ (@simmeringmind) December 27, 2016 Every time this beauty of a hashtag party comes around Twitter I get all hyperContinue reading “5 reasons why I love #WIPjoy”

#WIPjoy update Week #2: Protagonist Takeover

#WIPjoy has grown exponentially. We have over 300 writers participating, all sharing pieces of their works in progress in order to answer questions. This week was fun because all of our answers had to be written as if our characters were speaking, and we had a chance to introduce our characters. Pst- here’s a secret:Continue reading “#WIPjoy update Week #2: Protagonist Takeover”

#WIPjoy week #1 Review

#WIPJoy is here! I love #WIPjoy SO much. It is part of what made me fall in love and realize the value and the fun of Twitter. Yes, Twitter can be crazy bogged down with ridiculous people tweeting and retweeting constant  garbage and trying to sell you stuff, but then there are wonderful hashtag partiesContinue reading “#WIPjoy week #1 Review”

5 Positive Happenings: Birthdays & #WIPjoy!

#1  My blog turned ONE year #2  #3 I spent 2 days this week substituting in an early childhood education classroom and it has been so fun. In the summer of 2015 I had sort of a stressful and not so fun experience while attempting to take an early childhood education practicum class (where weContinue reading “5 Positive Happenings: Birthdays & #WIPjoy!”