Works in Progress

works-in-progress-imageSecond chances: Book #1 (Second Chances series)

Genre: Contemporary Christian romance

Progress: Currently in review by a publishing house editor!


Fresh off his release from prison, Jacob Mathews is moving forward with his life. The last thing he needs is a girlfriend. Especially one who harbors so much bitterness toward God. For Jay, his relationship with Christ has changed his life.

But Lacey Bennett is irresistible, despite the risk. 

Lacey’s anger toward God stems from childhood. Fervent prayers for reconciliation between her divorced parents went unanswered. Her older sister tragically died at sixteen. How could God let these tragedies befall her family? The anger she harbors within, and the refusal to forgive, threatens to destroy the relationship she’s built with Jay, especially after she discovers the reason for his past conviction.

Can she learn to forgive?

Can Jay let her go long enough for her to heal, not knowing whether or not she’ll come back?

Second Chances: #2 (going through a title change currently)

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Progress: Editing/rewriting


Serena doesn’t want rescuing. She doesn’t think she needs rescuing, All she wants to do is get through her last year of college and graduate; it’s what’s expected of her. But Lacey, her best friend, and Lacey’s brother Joel, see things differently. They watch helplessly as her toxic relationship spirals out of control, threatening her goals, stripping her of the very core of the Serena they once knew.

Never intending to do anything more than defend her against an abusive man who doesn’t understand the meaning of respect, Joel Bennett finds himself falling for Serena. But he can’t fall for her. That would be taking advantage of her vulnerability, something he’s dead set against; he won’t make the same mistake his father made that destroyed their family. An infidelity, a relationship that didn’t pan out, resulting in his father and mother both ending up alone. 

But it’s not the same situation…is it?

I know who goes before me: (Second Chances #3) (working title)

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Progress: Rewriting

Synopsis: Still working on a synopsis currently.


Crooked Island: 

Genre: YA historical fiction action adventure

Progress: rewriting


When fifteen year old Manuel is thrown overboard from his uncle’s fishing vessel by the very hands of his own cousin, the man he grew up alongside, his entire world is thrown into chaos. Not only had his cousin just tried to kill him, but directly before throwing him overboard, he had attempted to steal from him the only remnants of his father Manuel had. A necklace with a sapphire and a treasure map.

After surviving a near drowning, all he wants to do is get home to his family, back to his little fishing village on the northern Iberian Peninsula. But getting home is more difficult than it should be when he has to endure being captured by privateers, shipwrecking on a mystical island during a storm, escaping the natives that chase him; all the while trying to keep the sapphire and the map safe from harm and theft. Can he find his way home?


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