Happy Blogiversary!

I can hardly comprehend that I’ve been blogging for two years. It’s awesome, astounding, and exciting! Here’s some of my accomplishments over the last two years Free book downloads:  98089080890 OK NOT REALLY but it feels like I’ve downloaded that many! Blog posts: 238 Twitter: 704 followers TBR pile: INSANELY HIGH. There are so many … More Happy Blogiversary!

#IWSG Wednesday: Let’s get personal

This month’s IWSG question: Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose? Absolutely I have! Mostly it’s personal tidbits about other people; character attributes , physical features… sometimes it’s my own personality quirks or tendencies that come out in a specific character. Sometimes it’s a … More #IWSG Wednesday: Let’s get personal

#NewReleases # 3

  If you have not heard yet, I can now offically call myself an author, as I have signed a contracat with Anaiah Press. Read more about that here. As an author, I love telling other readers about other great authors! Below are four new releases by four amazing authors! Check them out! All titles … More #NewReleases # 3

3.5 years and 4 rejections later (#IWSG Wednesday, announcements, and more)

I’m thrilled to announce I have signed a contract with Anaiah Press for my first contemporary Christian romance, called Second Chances. (Click on the image below to peruse Anaiah’s website)   This has been a dream 3.5 years in the making. Technically speaking, it’s been a dream of mine to actually publish a book since … More 3.5 years and 4 rejections later (#IWSG Wednesday, announcements, and more)