Author interview and Giveaway: Olivia Rae

I’ve got another author interview and giveaway for you all – please welcome the lovely author, Olivia Rae, an historical and contemporary romance author who is adept at immersing you into the time periods in her stories. Her new book A LIFE REDEEMED, just released.

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Welcome, Olivia! Tell me about your newest release.

A Life Redeemed is a sequel to A Life Renewed, though you don’t have to read the first book to understand the second one.  In this book, Audrey Hayes is sent by Queen Elizabeth to Scotland as a spy to find out if Laird Gavin Armstrong is part of a plot of zealots who plan to put Mary of Scots on the English throne. The queen also has a mysterious interest in Gavin’s son, Thomas. The story has many twists and turns, and of course, a romance and a surprise ending.  

You’ve written in multiple genres. Which one is your favorite and why?

I have always liked reading and writing historicals. I love to read about the past and find the researching is the fun part of the process. History really does repeat itself. In a way, it is a window to the future.  However, I have to admit it was fun writing Joshua’s Prayer, my only contemporary. Some day I would love to write a sequel to that book. 

What’s your favorite genre to read? 

It used to be historical fiction and Christian fiction, but lately I love a good mystery. To be honest, I read just about anything. A little bit of everything keeps a person fresh.

What is the most interesting piece of historical research you have come across while researching for your novels? 

I have to say my research actually started my writing career. Years ago, I was reading about the Crusades and I came upon a piece of information about a “Bright Knight” who charged forward when the Crusaders were losing steam during a battle against Saladin. The “Bright Knight” was said to have saved the gem stone from one of Solomon’s crowns. I am positive this was nothing more than Medieval lore to spur those living at the time to support the Crusade, but it got me thinking, what if there really was a pure knight, an Avenging Angel. Revelation, book two in The Sword and The Cross Chronicles was started from this thought. Here’s a secret: I wrote book two before I wrote book one in that series. 

Who is your favorite character and why?

I have to be honest, I always like my male characters better than my female ones, especially when I am writing historicals. In A Life Redeemed, it’s Gavin. He’s made so many wrong decisions in his life and is on the verge to make another one. I can’t help but hope this time he does the right thing. He has the largest growth arch in the story so that is why he is so interesting to me. 

Who is your favorite side character? 

In A Life Redeemed, I have to say it is Thomas. I usually don’t like writing about children, but he is so feisty and such an imp I couldn’t help but love him. I am working on the third book in the series right now and it is his story. He is even more fun as a grownup. 😊

Yes! I’m excited for the next one!

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Everyone has a secret, who can a queen trust?

Upon Queen Elizabeth’s order, Audrey Hayes travels to the borderlands of Scotland to learn where the fierce Laird Armstrong’s loyalties lie. Is he aligned with his mother’s English roots in support of the queen, or does he hold with the beliefs of his father, who wishes to see Mary of Scots on the English throne? The fate of Audrey’s family rests on her success in finding the answer.

After losing his lands in a wager and being betrayed by his kin, Gavin Armstrong entered a loveless marriage to obtain the funds to buy back his family home, Warring Tower. Now a widower, struggling against countless border wars, he is on the verge of losing his home and lands again. With few resources, he reluctantly makes another risky wager, one he cannot hope to win without trusting the secretive Audrey Hayes, a woman he suspects is an English spy.

As the two work together to save Warring Tower, their attraction to one another grows. But when Audrey finally gains the information she seeks for Queen Elizabeth, she realizes that the only way she can save her family is to betray the man she loves.

Author interview and Giveaway: Becky Wade

I’m honored to be hosting an amazing author and beautiful human being on my blog today!

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Welcome, Becky, I’m so glad you and I could chat!

Tell me about your newest release. 

My new release is a contemporary inspirational romance titled Let It Be Me. It stars pediatric heart surgeon Sebastian and math genius Leah.  When Leah receives DNA results indicating that her parents are not biologically related to her, she reaches out to Sebastian to help her uncover the secrets surrounding her birth. 

What town inspired this particular small town romance series?

Let It Be Me is set in the picturesque north Georgia mountains! My husband and I were fortunate to spend several days exploring the area. The town of Dahlonega provided a source of inspiration, though I decided to “place” my fictional town of Misty River near the town of Clayton.

Who is your favorite character in your novel and why? 

The heroine, Leah, is my favorite character in the novel. It was so refreshing to write a character like her!  She’s extremely logical yet slightly out of her depth, socially.  Very brainy.  Completely uninterested in love and romance. At one point she tells Sebastian, “I don’t need a man in my life.  I have math.” She made me laugh!   

Who is your favorite side character and why?

I really loved Leah’s brother Dylan. Leah took custody of him when she was eighteen and he was seven. The novel takes place ten years later, when Dylan is a teenager. He’s gawky, reclusive, monosyllabic, and wonderful.  I have a teenage son, so I couldn’t help but feel a landslide of tenderness toward Dylan.  

What characters are next in this series?

My next book, Turn to Me, will feature Luke in the primary romance storyline and Ben in a secondary romance storyline. Two for the price of one!

What is something you’ve learned about yourself through writing and publishing this story? 

I struggled mightily with math when I was young. Like so many, I determined that I wasn’t good at it and, thus, hated it.  Through the writing of this story, and the lectures I watched given by female mathematicians, I was able to glimpse just how fabulous math can be. I realized that I came to hasty (and false) conclusions about math when I was making my way through elementary school. It was empowering to get it touch with my long-dormant inner math girl.

I totally understand, I also hated math for many reasons until college. The fact that you chose a character whose career aspirations were out of your comfort zone is so intriguing!

What are you giving away?

I will be giving away a signed paperback copy of Let It Be Me to someone who lives in the USA.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway!

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The one woman he wants is the one he cannot have.

Former foster kid Sebastian Grant has leveraged his intelligence and
hard work to become a pediatric heart surgeon. But not even his career
success can erase the void he’s tried so hard to fill. Then he meets
high school teacher Leah Montgomery and his fast-spinning world comes to
a sudden stop. He falls hard only to make a devastating discovery — Leah
is the woman his best friend set his heart on months before.

Leah’s a math prodigy who’s only ever had one big dream—to earn her PhD.
Raising her little brother put that dream on hold. Now that her brother
will soon be college bound, she’s not going to let anything stand in her
way. Especially romance… which is far less dependable than algebra.

When Leah receives surprising results from the DNA test she submitted to
a genealogy site, she solicits Sebastian’s help. Together, they comb
through hospital records to uncover the secrets of her history. The more
powerfully they’re drawn to one other, the more strongly Sebastian must
resist, and the more Leah must admit that some things in life—like
love—can’t be explained with numbers.

About Becky Wade

Becky’s a California native who attended Baylor
University, met and married a Texan, and settled in Dallas with their
three children and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She loves writing
funny, modern, and inspirational contemporary romance!  She’s the
Christy and Carol award winning author of My Stubborn Heart, the Porter
Family series, the Bradford Sisters series, and the Misty River Romance




Stealing the First Mate: Book Review and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Stealing the First Mate

Author: Tabitha Bouldin

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: June 29, 2021

Sometimes, happily ever after is as elusive as a pirate’s treasure.

Darcy Riggins dove headfirst into the online dating pool and sank. Every time.

Her lifelong dream of becoming a wife and mother becomes more elusive every year. So, taking the lack of a Mr. Right in her life as a decided “No!” from God, Darcy gives up altogether.

Single and happy is not an oxymoron. Right?

Nigel Jones has loved Darcy for ages, but her father (his boss, of course) ordered him to keep his feelings to himself, thanks to a stupid mistake that Darcy (thankfully) doesn’t know about.  Too bad her dad does.

Being single and content turns out to be tougher than Darcy imagined, and when she begins doubting everything she’s ever known, Nigel decides it’s time to admit his mistakes, tell the truth, and trust God for the outcome.

In this “forbidden-love-meets-friends-to-more” novel, Stealing the First Mate continues the Elnora Island romances of the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Islands Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

Tabitha Bouldin has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and has been writing since 2015. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, you’ll find her curled up with a book. Tabitha’s genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart.

My review:

There are so many good things to unpack in this lovely novel. I was hooked from the beginning. This one has all my favorite tropes and themes – a friends to more romance, unrequited love – plus PIRATES and island life. Need I say more? I’ve already read it twice lol.

Nigel and Darcy are such likeable characters from the beginning. Even when Nigel thinks himself completely unworthy and unlikeable, his friends point out all of the honorable qualities he has – and it’s obvious throughout, how honorable he really is, expertly backed up through his actions.

I love how Tabitha has brought to life two believable, relatable people, with both redeeming and honorable qualities and flaws. I love the emotional drama and angst and romantic tension. The strong threads of friendship and faith seal the deal. There are quite a few faith messages woven subtly in which I appreciated.

The more books I read by Tabitha, the more I love her writing style. Reminiscent of her southern personality, descriptive, immersive, and full of emotion, it draws the reader in.

Overall, it’s such a fun, well written read. I highly recommend this island novel!

More from Tabitha

I love the friends-to-something-more trope. There’s something invigorating about the challenges of stepping into a different kind of relationship with someone you already know and trust. The risk of losing the friendship if things go badly comes to the forefront and each character has to decide if they’ll take the risk or keep things as they are.

For Nigel and Darcy, there’s the added difficulty of Nigel’s unrequited love. They’ve been best friends forever, and he’s loved Darcy all that time. And she’s clueless! How does that happen?

I wish I could say this story came from my own experience, but that isn’t the case. While my husband and I knew each other for several years before we started dating, we were hardly friends. High school social circles are brutal things. Plus, he had a crush on my cousin, and I was dating someone else.

But it all worked out.

And we’re best friends now.

When it came time to write Stealing the First Mate, I knew Nigel and Darcy were friends. It wasn’t until I worked my way through the first chapter that the depth of their relationship started to emerge, and I realized they were best friends. Darcy runs to Nigel for advise (even dating advise, which became really awkward for Nigel).

Darcy has been looking for Mr. Right so long she can’t see the truth staring back at her in Nigel’s eyes.

Writing their story is one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in writing.

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Author interview and Giveaway: Michelle S. Lowe

I am honored to host debut author Michelle S. Lowe on my blog today. She’s giving away a gift card, and this adorable bible cover! I love it!

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Welcome, Michelle! Tell me about your newest release.

The Maritime Cure is a story about forgiveness and the tender healing that follows. Due to her father’s incomprehensible actions, Sage Patterson is forced to sell her late mother’s beloved beach cottage. She loads up her best friend, a loyal Belgian Mallinois, and heads to Ocean Isle where she plans to pack up the remnants of a much happier past. Experiencing firsthand why her mother loved the tranquil surroundings of the friendly beach community, Sage and Molly find refuge each evening when watching a mysterious artist paint his beautiful watercolor by the ocean; and of course, in the handsome real estate attorney who is overseeing the sale of the beach property. But when the kind attorney crosses the line, trying to convince her to forgive her estranged father, Sage must face a painful reality, and the fact she risks losing more than just her mother’s precious beach house. 

How has your own career and your own life experiences influenced that of your characters’ careers and experiences?

I am a nurse and have worked with patients who suffer from seizures, so this played a large role in the story. My mom battled Multiple Sclerosis for nearly fifteen years, just as Sage’s mom. And being a nurse, I have worked with many seizure patients: this was my influence for Brandon, a young boy with seizure disorder whom Sage befriends.

What brought you to a place where you were motivated to pursue publishing a novel?

 Writing The Maritime Cure was all about timing. When the coronavirus pandemic began, I was suddenly at home while my son attended online school. This afforded me the time to write like I had always wanted to. I fixed a cup of coffee in the morning and sat down to write just as if I was going to my job. I wrote for the same hours my son did his schoolwork.

What has been the most challenging aspect of publishing this novel? Waiting on the release date! Because of the pandemic, my date had to be pushed back. I could hardly wait!

Who is your favorite character in The Maritime Cure and why?

My favorite character is Jacob Gable. A successful real estate attorney, Jacob has fallen in love with Sage while helping her to sell her mother’s beach cottage but convincing her of the need to forgive her father proves to be harder than any professional work he’s ever done. He also has an easy going, fun side. I enjoyed writing this character who readily walks on the beach in his business suit, is willing to allow a wet, sandy dog ride in his expensive car all for the love of a girl, and who leaves colorful candy wrappers on his otherwise neat desk.  

Who is your favorite side character and why?

My favorite side character would be Mrs. McNeilly. She is raising her grandson, the young boy who has seizures, and her devotion to him is deeper than can be measured, reminding me of my mother-in-law and her unconditional love for her grandchildren. 

What is something you’ve learned about yourself or about your writing process, through writing and publishing this story?

I’ve learned to trust in God’s timing.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram, I believe. I am new to this platform and I really like the way Instagram is set up. I am very excited about connecting with readers and other authors. 

Where can people find you online?

What’re you giving away today?

I am giving away a ten-dollar Amazon gift card and a pretty Bible cover inscribed with Prov. 31:25.

What a beautiful bible cover! Thank you so much for offering this up as a gift!

Please leave a comment and enter the giveaway here!

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About the Author

Michelle Smith Lowe lives in Asheboro, North Carolina with her husband of twenty years, Brian, and their son, Jake. She is the proud owner of a very spoiled bluetick hound dog. Michelle is a Registered Nurse as well as a Certified Multiple Sclerosis Nurse. She has always loved to write and wishes to thank God most of all for her ability to write fiction. Her hobbies include searching for Native American arrowheads on her property and cooking for her family. 

Cover Reveal: In Search of a Prince by Toni Shiloh

I am excited to reveal Toni Shiloh’s upcoming release, scheduled for February ,2022! I absolutely love this cover. So gorgeous! What do you think?

About the Book

Brielle Adebayo is fully content teaching at a New York City public school and taking annual summer vacations with her mother to Martha’s Vineyard. But everything changes when her mom drops the mother of all bombshells—Brielle is a princess in the kingdom of Oloro Ilé, Africa, and she must immediately assume her royal position, since the health of her grandfather, King Tiwa Jimoh Adebayo, is failing.

Distraught by her mother’s betrayal, Brielle is further left spinning when the Oloro Ilé Royal Council brings up an old edict that states she must marry before assuming the throne or the crown will be passed to another. Uncertain who to choose from the council’s list of bachelors, she struggles with the decision along with the weight of her new role in a new country. With her world totally shaken, she must take a chance on love and brave the perils a wrong decision may bring.

Book releasing February 2022 from Bethany House

Preorder info to come. Be sure to sign up for Toni Shiloh’s newsletter for the latest news!

About the Author

Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and multi-published Christian contemporary romance author. She writes to bring God glory and to learn more about His goodness. Her novels, Grace Restored, was a 2019 Holt Medallion finalist, Risking Love a 2020 Selah Award finalist, and The Truth About Fame a 2021 Holt Medallion finalist.

A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and of the Virginia Chapter, Toni seeks to encourage authors in the writing industry. She loves connecting with readers and authors alike via social media. You can learn more about her writing at

Top Ten Tuesday: Beach Reads!

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Today’s actually a freebie topic so I put together my top ten favorite BEACH READS. Can you tell I’m super excited about this topic?? I love, love, love the beach. And it’s JUNE 1st – what better time to talk about the best books to read this summer than right now?

my top ten favorite beach reads!

~ in no particular order ~

All of these authors are fabulous!

I only wish I could put up my most recent finished manuscript (as it’s set on the coast of California( but that will have to wait a while… . 🙂

You can find more Top Ten Tuesday posts over on That Artsy Reader Girl.

What’s your favorite beach read?

Share your fav title in the comments! If you’re on social media, share those beautiful cover images!

Book Review: The Art of Rivers

The Art of Rivers: A Coastal Hearts novel 

By Janet W. Ferguson

Contemporary Christian Romance

About the Book

Rivers Sullivan bears both visible and invisible scars—those on her shoulder from a bullet wound and those on her heart from the loss of her fiancé during the same brutal attack. Not even her background as an art therapist can help her regain her faith in humanity. Still, she scrapes together the courage to travel to St. Simons Island to see the beach cottage and art gallery she’s inherited from her fiancé. When she stumbles upon recovering addicts running her gallery, she’s forced to reckon with her own healing.

After the tragic drowning of his cousin, James Cooper Knight spends his days trying to make up for his past mistakes. He not only dedicates his life to addiction counseling, but guilt drives him to the water, searching for others who’ve been caught unaware of the quickly rising tides of St. Simons. When he rescues a peculiar blond woman and her sketch pad from a sandbar, then delivers this same woman to his deceased grandmother’s properties, he knows things are about to get even more complicated.

Tragic circumstances draw Cooper and Rivers closer, but they fight their growing feelings. Though Cooper’s been sober for years, Rivers can’t imagine trusting her heart to someone in recovery, and he knows a relationship with her will only rip his family further apart. Distrust and guilt are only the first roadblocks they must overcome if they take a chance on love.

my thoughts

‘The opening lines describing how Rivers views the world in vibrant colors hooked me immediately .Such vivid imagination and description of feelings. It’s one of the best opening paragraphs I’ve read in recent memory.

Such beautiful prose flows from vibrant and happy to dark and depressive and them back again. It’s that spark of light that keeps you reading, that beauty of sunlight at the end of a dark forest.

The romance, similarly, drew me in right away . Then again, I’m a huge sucker for brooding, deeply broken heroes. Cooper fit that bill. He was broken, broody, struggling, yet handsome and heartwarming and immediately protective.

Some of the plot was unexpected. Where I expected two broken people to harbor secrets from one another, as that’s such a natural thing to do, they were so vulnerable and open from the beginning. That was refreshing.

This book doesn’t shy away from proclaiming the gospel. More so than a lot of Christian fiction books I have been reading as of late. Which is also refreshing, if you like that kind of thing. The multiple character journeys throughout expertly showcase God’s redemption and grace.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story of God’s redemption and healing, and second chances in romance.

Have you read The Art of Rivers or anything else by Janet W. Ferguson? ‘

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Author interview + Giveaway: Tabitha Bouldin

It is release day for Tabitha Bouldin! I’m so excited about her new book, Stealing the First Mate. It’s such a fun story filled with ALL of my favorite romantic tropes. Plus PIRATES. I have this thing for pirates like soo much lol.

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Welcome Tabitha! Congrats on your new release. Tell us a little about it.

Stealing the First Mate is Nigel and Darcy’s story. Nigel works for Darcy’s father on a Christian, pirate-themed tour boat that cruises around the Independence Islands. Darcy is looking for Mr. Right, never once considering that her best friend, Nigel, might have already cornered the market on her heart. Nigel is keeping a secret from Darcy, and it’s one that he believes will end even their friendship.

I absolutely loved this story because my favorite trope is that unrequited, oblivious love that one person has for another character. What’s your favorite romance trope and why?

Friends to something more is my favorite, and I loved getting to write that into this story. There’s something romantic about knowing someone as a friend first. You think you know everything about them, but then, suddenly, you realize you don’t. There’s a whole new world to explore. 

The cover is adorable. I know you also create covers. Tell me how this cover came together.

Thank you. I had a great time finding the perfect picture for this cover. I knew I had to include Shep, Nigel’s sheepdog, the image was too perfect not to use. Chautona Havig does our covers for the Independence Islands series, and I had an idea what the base color would be, which made picture searching even more challenging. But once I saw the sheepdog on the beach, I knew I’d found my perfect shot.

Who is your favorite character in Stealing the First Mate and why?

Nigel. Definitely. He’s a little angsty after loving Darcy for so many years, but doesn’t believe he’s worthy of her. His ability to be who she needs in spite of his feelings gave me a look at how deep his love was. Even though I’m the author, Nigel surprised me. Then, there’s the whole pirate aspect of the story. Nigel being a pirate for a Christian-themed boat tour made this story a little extra special because it allowed me to remember the time my boys went on a similar tour. Memories are powerful things.

Who is your favorite side character and why?

That’s a tough one. Most of the side characters end up with a story of their own. From Stealing the First Mate I guess I’d have to pick Trent, who gets his story in the next book. Trent only has one scene in this story, but it’s one that means a lot for him as a character. Trent operates the only animal shelter on the Independence Islands. Like Nigel, Trent has a past he’s trying to make up for and he’s a bit of a prodigal son though he’s been home for years. What can I say? I like writing moody, angsty male characters who employ sarcasm as defense mechanisms. Though I make certain they’re never mean with their witty words.

This story is part of the Independent Island series and features some characters from past novels. Are there any more in the series coming up for you?

I have three more books in the series after Stealing the First Mate. The next is Footprints on her Heart followed by From Shore to Shore and Waiting on the Tide. I’ve tried to keep many of the previous characters active in the series, slowly building and incorporating as many as I can as the series progresses. Book five should be filled with an entire cast of previous characters. The characters from the other authors in the series even make cameo appearances when they can. Mel is the key character who is pretty instrumental in each book, so she shows up quite regularly.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself or about your writing process, through writing and publishing this story?

I feel like each story has taught me something different. There’s a particular scene in Stealing the First Mate where Nigel thinks all hope is lost. The entire time I was working on this book, the story of Jesus walking on the water stayed front and center in my head. During Nigel’s crisis, I was able to use the scene with Jesus and Peter to help Nigel. It wasn’t until I finished the scene that I realized how much it meant to me too. I often cling to what I can see instead of trusting God to be there ready to hold me up. It was a powerful thought and something I’ve been working on since then.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I love Instagram. I’m more active on Facebook, but making images and taking pictures for Instagram is my favorite. It’s also more fun, to me, to scroll through Instagram and see all the pretties everyone else has made.

Where can people find you online?

I’m all over. Here are the links if you want to see what I’m up to. -book review blog -newsletter signup for author news

What’re you giving away today?

I’m giving away one signed paperback of Stealing the First Mate to one US resident. 

What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for stopping by and chatting with me.

Your turn, readers! What’s your favorite romantic trope? Do you agree with Tabitha?

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Stealing the First Mate

About Tabitha Bouldin

Tabitha Bouldin has a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and an avid reader. Tabitha is a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Independence Islands series with Celebrate Lit. Tabitha’s genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart

Book Review + Giveaway: At Lighthouse Point

About the Book

Book:  At Lighthouse Point

Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: May 4, 2021

at lighthouseBlaine Grayson returns to Three Sisters Island with a grand plan–to take Camp Kicking Moose to the next level. Her dream starts to unravel when she discovers Moose Manor’s kitchen has been badly remodeled by her sister, Cam, who doesn’t know how to cook. Added to that blow is the cold shoulder given by her best friend, Artie Lotosky, now a doctor to the unbridged Maine islands.

As old wounds are opened, Blaine starts to wonder if she made a mistake by coming home. Little by little, she must let go of one dream to discover a new one, opening her heart to a purpose and a future she had never imagined.

Click here to get your copy!

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my thoughts

I have heard so much about Suzanne Woods Fisher. and highly respect her as an award winning author and prolific writer who writes in multiple genres and has a passion for the art of storytelling.

This story delves into the lives of the Graysons yet again — and I should point out that if you have not read the other books in the series, it would be wise to do so or you’ll be missing out on a lot of important information.

The dynamics between the sisters and their father and grandfather were fun and not unrealistic compared to the chaos of real life — they definitely added some humor to the story. It took me a bit to get used to the hopping points of view from every single family member except Grandpa Grayson. Again – probably would’ve not been a problem had I read the earlier books in the series.

The story overall was enjoyable. It showcased every day life on a beautiful small secluded island with it’s unique blend of eccentric locals and transplants from the mainland. Great small town feel to the atmosphere.

But this book was not all that it could have been. The problem I had with this book was entirely with Blaine. I didn’t think she was likeable until about halfway through, I did not believe any attraction was occurring between her and Artie. Their relationship had zero time to build into something more than even close friends In my opinion — even though they were supposed to be close friends to begin with.

The book utilized flashbacks frequently, but there were none of Blaine and Artie – one with Blaine and a friend during college – that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know so much more about their past relationship, which was supposedly so close, and I wanted them to interact much, much more than they ever did in the pages of this book.

Granted — since I haven’t read previous books, there could be a lot of missing information that might be affecting this particular view point. But as it stands, I believe even books in a series should somehow bring new readers into the fold and explain some of the things that happened previously, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

Please read on for a special note from the author AND a giveaway opportunity!

About the Author


Award winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher writes for readers who have learned to expect the unexpected. With more than one million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is the bestselling author of more than 30 works, ranging from novels to non-fiction books to children’s books. Currently, she lives with her very big family in the East Bay.

More from Suzanne

10 Curious Facts about Lighthouses

People love lighthouses. There’s just something special about those sturdy sentinels with their beacons of light, patiently sweeping the water, their mournful and haunting wail of a foghorn. Longfollow’s poem, The Lighthouse, written in 1850, captured the allure so well:

And as the evening darkens, lo! how bright,
Through the deep purple of the twilight air,
Beams forth the sudden radiance of its light,
With strange, unearthly splendor in the glare!

“Unearthly splendor.” Wow, doesn’t that hit the nail on the head? A lighthouse, to me, represents a spiritual truth: Someone’s watching out for us, looking out for the dangers ahead, and always glad to welcome us home.

Here are 10 facts about lighthouses that you might not know:

  • THE FIRST KNOWN LIGHTHOUSE was Egypt’s Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt, built in the third century B.C. The lighthouse was made from a fire on a platform to warn sailors of the port’s entrance. This lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • THE OLDEST EXISTING LIGHTHOUSE IN THE WORLD is considered to be La Coruna in Spain that dates from ca. 20 B.C. A Roman lighthouse is located on the Cliffs of Dover in the UK that was constructed in 40 A.D.
  • THE UNITED STATES IS HOME to more lighthouses than any other country.
  • THE FIRST LIGHTHOUSE IN AMERICA was at Boston on Little Brewster Island (1716). The first keeper was George Worthylake who, sadly, was drowned, along with his wife and daughter, when returning to the island in 1718.
  • THE TALLEST LIGHTHOUSE is on Cape Hatteras, NC. Built in 1872, it reached 196 feet tall.
  • THE FIRST WEST COAST LIGHTHOUSE was built on Alcatraz Island in 1854.
  • DAYMARKS are the painted colors and patterns (diamonds, spirals and stripes) on lighthouse towers to distinguish them from each other.
  • LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING was one of the first U.S. government jobs available to women, as far back as the 19th century. Most obtained their position when their husband died or became incapacitated.
  • THE RANGE OF THE LIGHTHOUSE LIGHT produces a light seen 25 miles at sea.
  • ABOUT 700 LIGHTHOUSES are still in active use in the United States.

As I wrote the third book in the ‘Three Sisters island’ series, I just had to give that little charred lighthouse its day in the sun. It had patiently played a role in the first two books, waiting for its turn on center stage. Not only did its setting provide a very unexpected “WHAT? How did that happen?” conclusion to the series, it even stole the headline! The undisputed title: At Lighthouse Point.

Do you have a favorite lighthouse? If so, please add your picture in the comments below. Don’t forget to include its location.

Thanks for reading! Stay well, stay home, and read.



Book Review: Always You

I am working my way through the Murphy Brothers series and plan to review all the books in the series, so be on the look out for more. But today, I have my review of the first book Always You.

They made a pact of friendship. Love was not supposed to be part of the deal.

Lauren is desperate to escape the massive shadow of her father’s and sister’s political careers.

Matt is running from the biggest disappointment of his life.

After a messy meeting in a snowbound airport, they launch a new friendship, founded on a mutual love for the Lord and an agreement of respect. They find themselves working together at the Lake Shore Resort, thankful to have each other as they each carve out a fresh start. But as the winter season wears on, and through a few interesting predicaments, one begins to feel more, and the other…well. Maybe neither knows what they really want. Already wounded from the things they’ve left behind, Matt and Lauren wrestle with what comes next. Afraid to move forward. Not wanting to go back.

Each must face a dilemma that only the hand of the Potter can smooth into a hopeful, promising future. Can they surrender past hurts, as well as their future hopes and plans and trust the good intentions of the God they both love?

my thoughts

Always You is the first in the Murphy Brothers series which spans 7 — yes seven — brothers. So far I’ve read two, and I adore the Murphy family already.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a true friends to more story, where there’s no true attraction beforehand and mutual friendship develops naturally. Honestly, it’s refreshing. It’s hard to find because there’s usually some kind of attraction immediately apparent by one party or the other.

This story and it’s characters seem so simple yet Jennifer, as always, was able to create characters with deep layers, with wounds that needed healing before they could embark on a true relationship. Always the sign of a fabulous writer, who can capture realistic wounds that are so very relatable.

I have to admit – of course I’m bias here, being from California – that the setting of Lake Tahoe really drew me in. I’ve traveled there so many times personally, and the way she describes the scenery and atmosphere is spot on. I loved it all so much. It brought back wonderful childhood memories.

I’m excited to embark on the rest of this series, in order, as I’ve had issues reading series’ out of order lately. Keep an eye out for more reviews of the rest of the Murphy Brothers series by Jennifer Rodewald.

Jennifer Rodewald has a new release!

Their love survived his accident, but can it survive the long, hard road to recovery?

Tyler Murphy had his life all planned out: finish college, go back to Sugar Pine as his dad’s able-bodied business partner, and most importantly, marry Rebecca Colson. But a fall from a roof leaves him less than able-bodied, and the pain he suffers as a result goes beyond the physical. Wrestling with his new disability seems manageable only by way of the pharmacy. Which is fine…until the refills run out and he’s denied a new prescription.

Rebecca Colson can’t wait for the day she’ll finally become Mrs. Rebecca Murphy. Tyler’s accident and resulting amputation are traumatic hurdles on the road to marital bliss but nothing they can’t overcome together—until Rebecca stumbles onto Tyler’s secret and approaches his family for help. Suddenly, the love of her life turns cold. In his eyes, her betrayal is unforgivable, and just like that, their hopes and dreams disintegrate.

Becca finds herself facing a future she doesn’t recognize—one where each step forward is a step away from the future she’d planned with Tyler. When a recovered Tyler finally seeks her out, he’s not sure he deserves another chance with her—not after the way he broke her heart. Becca is equally uncertain that Tyler has room in his new, very different life, for her. Is it too late to restore their relationship, or will their stubborn love forge a new path for a future together?

Stubborn Love is book 5 in the Murphy Brothers Stories; Christian novels full of romance and redemption. Don’t miss this family of seven brothers as they navigate through life, faith, and love.

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